Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Second Life against my finds!

Together with RL commitments, Second Life is trying to kill me. I had been planning a post about some interesting deals, but this evil game first ate 10k items from my inventory, then didn't rezz textures in whatever place I went to take pics, and in the end decided not to attach and detach stuff. I logged off with an awful headache and with only a couple of poor pics, a small part of what I had in my mind. Hopefully I'll show you something more tomorrow, if the deals are still there and the game's performances go back to a decent level.

Mishio Zuzu, designer of The Candary, a very interesting new store (to me at least), dropped on me her opening deal and the awesome gown she is selling. Her work really hit me, I appreciated a lot the softness of the skirts and the flexi is amazing. I felt like a butterfly or a mermaid while wearing her beautiful dresses.

Also, a new pose store is on the grid! It's Bent! by Catherine Fairport, she is selling very beautiful and artistic poses for super cheap prices, I wouldn't miss the chance to have a look at her store!

Last but not least, Calico Ingmann Creations is having 4 hairstyles 50% off this week (till Sunday), it means 100L the pack. You can go for a colour pack or, as I did, you can get the Calico's Picks pack, that is a sort of fatpack with the best of each colour according to the designer. I bought 3 of the 4 styles, but SL let me wear only one!

Let's go to the (poor) pics!

Dress: The Candary - Allure Cocktail Dress Nude - 50L opening gift
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Isabel 1 - 100L the pack

The Candary - CIC - Bent

Dress: The Candary - Adrianna Gown Pink - 500L, other shades available, all very beautiful!

The Candary - CIC - Bent 02

Poses: Bent!

Thank you very much, designers!

Other credits:
Skin: TheObscene
Eyes: Pulse
Lashes: je suis...
Necklace: Alchemy Immortalis

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