Monday, 27 February 2012

[Event] Back to Black - Look #07 + MINA @ Festival of Sin

This post closes my series about Back to Black and gives a very small glance to Festival of Sin
Please forgive my few words these days, it is a quite hard period in my RL. I know I'm not at my best in writing, in taking pictures and even in following events and catching up with all the things I would like to blog, but at this time I can't really help it. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Outfit: Miamai @ Back to Black - Survive
Hair: MINA @ Festival of Sin - Moriko (at Festival of Sin only till March the 3rd, all color packs)
Cage: Mamai @ Back to Black - My body is a cage

Back to Black - festival of Sin - MIamai - Mina - Glam Affair 02

Back to Black - Festival of Sin - Miamai - MINA - Glam Affair

Festival of Sin - Mina - Glam Affair

Back to Black - Miamai Full Lenght

Other credits: 
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: [glow] studio
Necklace: LOULOU&Co

Friday, 24 February 2012

[Event] Back to Black - Look #07

Kouse's Sanctum @ Back to Black

Gown: Kouse's Sanctum - Tranquil Gown - Calm

Back to Black - Kouse's Sanctum

Other credits:
Skin: the.oBscene
Hair: MINA (old hunt gift)
Eyes: Rozena
Shoes: Lassitude&Ennui
Necklace: LOULOU&CO
Earring and Bracelet: je suis...
Lashes: [glow] studio
Pose: Glitterati

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

[Event] Back to Black - Look #06

Peqe, Purrfect10, LOULOU&CO @ Back to Black

Outfit: Peqe - Jet Black
Eyes: RozenaLively Eyes~ angora
Necklace: LOULOU&CONecklace :: HYPERION ::
Shoes: Purrfect10Wild Rose Heels Crimson

Back to Black - Peqe - Purrfect10

Back to Black - Rozena - LouLou

Other credits:
Hair: Wasabi Pills (MESH)
Skin: the.oBscene
Lashes: [glow] studio
Pose: Glitterati

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

[Event] Back to Black - Look #05

Izzie's, Rozena, Amacci @ Back to Black

Outfit: Izzie's - Peace Top Beige + Sweat Pants Brown
Hair: Amacci - Emma Coffee (feather included)
Eyes: Rozena - Lively Eyes - Chai

Back to Black - Izzie - Amacci - Rozena

Back to Black - Rozena

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Shoes: Hoorenbeek
Lashes: [glow] studio
Necklace: Ripped (closed)
Bangles: (to be updated, store name doesn't show in the name of the item. Designers, *please*, write something that makes you recognizable in your items names!)
Pose: Glitterati

Sunday, 19 February 2012

[Event] Back to Black - Look #04

Sn@tch, LOQ, TuttiFrutti and Phoebe @ Black to Black.

Hair: LOQBourbon - Chocolate Copper
Top: Sn@tchEsperanza Blouse (Peach)
Jeans: TuttiFruttiAll For One - Unisex Low Jeans
Earrings: PhoebeMonica Earrings ~Bronze~

Back to Black - Snatch - TuttiFrutti - Loq - Phoebe

Back to Black - LOQ - Phoebe - Snatch

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Shoes: LeLutka
Lashes: [glow] studio
Necklace: League
Nails: je suis...
Pose: Di's Opera, Glitterati

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

[Event] Back to Black - Look #03

MOLiCHiNO, Lassitude & Ennui and MINA @ Black to Black.

Jacket and Pants: MOLiCHiNOHope Jacket & Pants
Hair: MINA - Yva
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui - Flutter Boots Raven (MESH)

Back to Black - Molichino - MINA - Lassitude&Ennui

Back to Black - Lassitude & Ennui

Back to Black - MINA

Other credits: 
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Bodysuit: Nemesis
Eyelashes: [glow] studio
Nails: je suis...
Pose: Bent! 

Monday, 13 February 2012

[Event] Back to Black - Look #02

Plank Couture and Vershe @ Back to Black

Skin: *VERSHE* - Bianca Strength Skin (Fair) (with hairbase)
Outfit: Plank Couture - Mmle Plume - Ophelia Swan

Back to Black - Plank - V

Back to Black - Plank Back

Other credits: 
Eyes: Poetic Color
Lashes: [glow] studio
Earrings: Amacci
Poses Wetcat

Sunday, 12 February 2012

[Event] Back to Black - Look #01

Back to Black is the new event organized by CHIC Management.
It's an awareness event about mental illness, thought to help in spreading our understanding about it instead of judgement.
Please note, it's not a charity event, proceeds will go to designers.

In the next days I will be showing a selection of articles I like, trying to cover all the themes the event provide.
It will run from February the 11th to February the 29th, 4pm slt. 

First look. Visit the Back to Black venue to get the items! 

Black to Black - Kunglers Amacci Kira Closer

Black To Black - Kunglers - Loodres - Amacci - Kira

Skin: Style by Kira - Serenity Skin 01C opt.1
Hair: Amacci - Emma (feathers included)
Dress: (Kunglers) - BTB dress
Boots: Loodres of London - Somerset High Heeled Boots Navy&Tan

Other credits:
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: [glow] studio
Necklace: Nha
Bangles: Elemental Earth Designs
Nails: je suis...
Pose: I ♥ Posey

Friday, 10 February 2012

[Mesh] PETITE Angelwing Fall Fairy

I officially fell in love with the PETITE's world, so I'm showing them again today, and sharing some useful info and tips if you ever wanted to join this magic world.

PETITE Angelwing

Angelwing adapted some of her beautiful fairy outfits to the PETITE avatar by Yabusaka. Here I'm showing you my favourite, Fall Fairy, that you can purchase only at the PETITE Headquarter at Yabusaka.
After checking the pics, you may want to have a look to a list of PETITES Resources, a collection of stores where you can find items that can be resized to fit the tiny avatars, put together by the lovely Dojiba Sabra. Contact her if you're interested in the PETITES world and to get the new lists as soon as she finds out new stores!

PETITE Angelwing Stretch

PETITE Angelwing Flying

Last but not least, a pic to show you the size of a PETITE avatar.

PETITE Angelwing Small

Other credits: 
Avatar & Body: Yabusaka & Fallen Gods Inc.
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Poses: FD Poses (now Foxxy Designs)

PETITES Resource List by Dojiba Sabra

Please be sure to join the Petites group for all the latest news!  Group joiners are at Fallen Gods and Yabusaka (look for the glowing orb in the Petites area, or do a group search for petites.

Are your feet or hands a different color from the rest of your body?   First make sure they are from the same tone as your skin.  Put on the skin tinting hud that came with your Petite and choose the white box at the top, just under the word Presets and that should make them match.

If you can't see your body after putting on the demo or avatar, make sure you have Hardware Skinning turned on in your Graphics tab.  If you still can't see it, make sure you are wearing the item called Body. You will have choices such as natural, cherry, marks, corruption.

When you wear a petite mer tail or some of the boots available, you don't need to wear your feet.  :-)

We're finding that some ground sits will put you under the ground.  Try adjusting your offset to raise your avatar.


You'll find the Petites avatars here, including demos, school uniforms, a mesh clothing layer template, clothing, weapons and more being added every day.  Rezzing is allowed, so you can open boxes and rezz a pose stand for fitting and shrinking.  Please clean up after yourself before you leave.  :-)


The Petites mesh avatar and demos are available at Fallen Gods, also mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, a mesh fairy dress by G Field, floral vine outfits by Frippery and more.


Seven's Selections has a vast assortment of wings which will resize down to fit a Petite.  A hud controls speed, size, etc.  They are also mod,  so you can tint the white ones or drop a particle script into a pair.
Material Squirrel wings will resize with the hud and are Xcite compatible. EDIT: I got this kind message from Kala Bijoux, owner of Material Squirrel: "Thank you for mentioning Material Squirrel Wings as a resource. All of our wings have scripted resize via the HUD - but if they don't go small enough, IM Kala Bijoux and she can get you a pair that does. All Material Squirrel wings are mod as well - the scripts inside are not mod so they show in inventory as no mod but once rezzed or worn, the object will be mod."


Wasabi Pills has hair with resize scripts that will shrink down to fit.  Be sure to try the demo first, as not all of them shrink enough.
Jolie Femme has hair with a resizer script.  Look for the "Touch to Fit" logo on the vendors.
Battle Angel has some resize-scripted hair that will fit.  I haven't tried the ones that aren't scripted, so I don't know if they will shrink down enough in edit mode.
CaTwA hair hair will resize with the built in scripts. hair should shrink down just with editing tools.
Truth hair will shrink down if you add a resize script to it.  Even the already scripted texture-change hair will work, as long as it's mod.  You may fight with the popups a bit to get the menu you want, but it can be done.


The Looking Glass has clothing for Petites (and a very nice fae area close by).
Pacific Sunrise has mertails and mermaid jewelry for Petites.  Look for the Petite Minnows vendor at the entrance
Isanna Delvalle has opened a clothing store in the marketplace.
Sinful Needs has demon/demoness outfits, horns and tails that will resize with the A4 Hud.
KaiAna has a variety of clothing, from silks to skating outfits (with little skates!), medieval dresses, gypsy outfits, jeans and tops and more.  Take the teleporter to the Petite Hideaway.
Lillia Coveria has some Petite items in her Marketplace store and her inworld store, with more to come soon.
Les Petites Nymphes has two fairy outfits for sale, which includes bracelets, ring, head wreath, wings, etc.  More in the works!


Lemon Tea, animated tails to fit Petites.

Ibanez prim eyes will resize nicely, no script needed.  The size I made mine is X 0.0151, Y 0.0193, Z 0.0168.  That's a good place to start and then you can tweak the size however you wish.


Redgrave lashes will fit if you add a resize script, shrink down and then fit as you normally do.


Creative Insanity has Fairy, Fae, Pixie, Forest Nymph, demon/demoness and mermaid AOs.
Oracul Flying Pixie AO.
Kami-Hitoe Fairy and mermaid  AOs.


ZMD has a cute Petite-sized lilypad with sits for 3 merfolk.  Look for Zohee's Mermaid Designs in the NE corner of the mall.
je suis... jewelry can be resized to fit your Petite.
Rainey Fae has Petite-sized earrings and circlets- no resizing necessary! Find them on the second floor.

In her notecard, Dojiba also includes a tiny camera hud to give you a proper view according to your size, and a resize script. Another resize script that works even better is here on the marketplace, free.
If you have any addition to this list, feel free to contact Dojiba inworld!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

[Sale] [New Releases] Each to his own Sn@tch

Ivey Deschanel is the eclectic and versatile designer of Sn@tch. Beside being very talented, she is absolutely generous: not only her prices are very low, but she also often offers amazing store wide sales, just like these days: till Monday, everything in store is set to 50-75% off (new releases, gift cards and bargain pit excluded), and there are also some hidden freebies and 10-50L items. Will you be brave enough to find them?
Don't get confused by the dark look of the store: you will find many gothic items, of course, but also a huge amount of casual, boho, hippie, vintage and girly styles. Each to his own!
Don't miss the amazing bargains and remember that items at Sn@tch are sold in fatpacks, which makes the deal even better!

In this pic I'm wearing Whatever Lola Wants, a cute boho flavoured tunic that comes in 7 colors, and Camp Relaxed Fit Jeans in green, from Sn@tch. I'm also featuring recent releases from Wasabi Pills, the lovely mesh braids Kamiko, and from je suis..., the amazing je suis... voyante necklace and ring, in the gemstone version.

Top: Sn@tch - Whatever Lola Wants - 125L (regular price 250L, 7 colors)  
Jeans: Sn@tch - Camp Relaxed Fit Jeans - 135L (regular price 275L, 7 colors) 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Kamiko - 250L
Necklace and Earrings: je suis... - je suis... voyante gemstone version - 249L + 149L

Sn@tch - je suis... - Wasabi Pills

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Eyelashes: [glow] studio
Nails: je suis...
Pose: Glitterati

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Casual Looks

I will never be able to catch up with all the things I meant to blog, but at least I'm giving a try.
Today I want to share with you products from some brands I love that unfortunately I have neglected lately.
Gawk and have just released a new line of casual clothings, very very cute and with reasonable prices. I'm wearing the cute Rose Shaded Longpullover  from Gawk! matched with Glow leggins violett  from in the first pic, and the beautiful Simple cotton jacket sheer grey  with Leather shorts silver  and  Glow leggins silver. The jacket comes in several layers, each with a different degree of transparency, showing more or less the underlaying top. I picked the most transparent!
The set je suis... chic was a special edition for CHIC management first birthday from je suis... and now it was just released in the full version. Earrings and necklaces are sold separatedly but they come in gold and silver version.
Baby Monkey always offers a wide range of products for all styles and accessible prices, not even mentioning the wall of group gifts and the many lucky boards filled with recent releases. I'm featuring today the beautiful  Lainie Suede boots, coming with a hud that allows you to change hardware parts and the color, as each color pack comes with 4 shades.

Pullover: Gawk!Rose Shaded Longpullover - 300L
Leggings: d.selectGlow leggins violett - 130L
Necklace & Earrings: je suis... - je suis... chic (gold) - 199L + 149L

Gawk - DSelect - je suis

Jacket: d.selectSimple cotton jacket sheer grey - 200L
Shorts: d.selectLeather shorts silver - 150L
Necklace & Earrings: je suis... -  je suis... chic (silver) - 199L + 149L 
Leggings: d.selectGlow leggins silver - 130L
Boots: Baby MonkeyLainie Suede - 300L the color, 900L the fatpack

DSelect - Baby Monkey - je suis

Other credits:
Skin: the.oBscene
Hair: WILDO (store closed) 
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: [glow] studio
Nails: je suis...
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix
Poses: Glitterati