Monday, 31 May 2010

Shape Time !!!

Hey gals :D
I created a shape and I just put it on XStreet ^^
Check it out =D

Look of the day #3

Skin: ANGIE - "Angie opening gift" (0 L)
Hair & Hat: Time of Angel - "TA Gift hair twin(Candy hat) (group gift in store)
Dress: tomoto - "tomoto, 500" (group gift in store - find a box underwater)
Shoes: Baby Monkey - "BM Classic flats" - (0 L)
{Location: Selidor}

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Luck @ Mystic Sky

The stunning Samantha Gown in Lavender is the current lucky chair prize @ Mystic Sky.
I love the totally medieval flavour of every single detail of this gown, all the time machine and fantasy lovers should try their luck!
Thank you very much, Skyler! ;-)


In case you were looking for a wedding gown, have a look at the new release, Selena: an awesome white gown with details and accessories in many different colours!

Friday, 28 May 2010

My 50L Friday

I couldn't resist the flowing, soft and bright "La Capricciosa" dress from Casa Del Shai. It comes in 4 colour, I picked 2. 50L.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

[ Review Time ] - Plastik

Before starting I really have to say Aikea Rieko is fabulous *_*
She is the owner of Plastik , a SL shop that is really fantastic and that I love <3.
There you can find clothes, accessories and lot of elven/fantasy things for your avatars =D
This lovely girl sent me part of a skin fatpack she released, called [P]-Lionheart[Elven].

In this first pic I'm showing you the most neutral tone of the fatpack, called Porcelain, with all the make-up available, that are 6 in total !!!!!!

These are the other colors I have, and they are ALL really amazing !!!!!!!!!
In each color pack you will find 6 skins with the make-up I showed you in the previous picture, binned ears and eyes that match it too ^_^

TY Aikea <3

[Review Time] FD Poses

Have you ever been a lilliputian? No? The time has come.
*FD Poses* just released a super cute prop, an old style felt elephant that can animate up to 5 avatars.
You can get it at the *FD Poses* mainstore in 3 colours, and there are 2 different perms options: you can buy a no copy-transfer version for 350L or a copy-no transfer version for 800L.
Please note that the transfer version of the blue elephant is set to 70L only, so hurry and get it as soon as possible!


I also advise you to join the *FD Poses* group: Foxx Demonia is a very generous lady, she often puts out great bargains on whole pose sets, so if you want to be the first to know just click, it doesn't take a SL group slot. Furthermore, if you join right now, you can get this cute shoulder elephant as a gift in the history. Thank you very much, Foxx!


(Hairstyle tip:  in the second pic I'm wearing I'm a hipster from Posh, and it's set to 50L today only for the Thirsty Thursday program. There's another style in red available for 50L too.)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

{So Many Styles}

Finally, here we are! 

So Many Styles new mainstore is open! Together with all the awesome clothes I hope you enjoyed during the sales, you will find the new releases and a new gift that I'm going to show you! 
Kaetel Seubert was my lovely shopping mate, we share an insane passion for So Many Styles, and she was kind enough to show us what she got too! 

1) Tank: {SMS} Pendant Tank Lila (old group gift, many colors available for sale in store)
     Skirt: {SMS} Hippie Skirt Grey, not free.
     Other credits: 
     Jacket: Gor Gurls, a piece of the 25L outfit I blogged yesterday.
     Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture
     Hairstyle: Clawtooth

2) Outfit: {SMS} Gift in the new mainstore, group tag needed.
     Bag: {SMS} Rose Tote Bag Grey, not free
     Other credits:
     Hair: W&Y old gift
     Boots: *COCO* group gift, group tag needed
     Socks: *en svale*, free or dollarbie

3) Corset: {SMS} Tweed Corset Beige, not free
    Jewelry: {SMS} Pearl Necklace Black, not free
    Other credits:         
    Skirt: PixelDolls
    Hair: Lamb, old gift
    Cigarette: Mika

4) Pants: {SMS} High Waist Harem Pants beige, not free
     Other credits: 
     Shoes: HOC, 10L
     Corset: not available anymore

SMS Vintage

5) Look and pic by Kaetel!           
     Jacket: {SMS} Vintage Jacket teal-red, not free 
     Skirt: {SMS} Button Skirt magenta, part of an old gift. 
     Other credits: 
     Top: Artilleri, part of a dollarbie outfit @ The Gnubie Store
     Shoes: Chuculet, 1L
     Hair: Vignette, free. 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

[ Review Time ] - Blue Blood

Super lovely Ghanima Uriza, owner of +++Blue Blood+++, today sent me some of the new dresses she released.
Ready ? Let's check them out :D

#1 +++BB+++ Ethereal WG Blue/Green Feathers
#2 +++BB+++ Ethereal Red Feathers

#1 +++BB+++ Calendula WG PINK
#2 +++BB+++ Calendula PURPLE

#1 +++BB+++ Colette WG WHITE
#2 +++BB+++ Colette TEAL

I really have to say I love them all *_* And great things about them is that they all have several wearing options, so go get them and enjoy creating new cute looks =D

TY Ghanima <3

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

25L Tuesday Mania

Ok people, it's still Tuesday...
Both my first and my second life today are trying to lead me to a nervous breakdown, I have had enough of fights with prims that don't attaches, outfits that don't rezz, lag and so on.. So, you will have only a very plain and simple sneak peek of this 25L Tuesday.

Here you are:


1) Gor Gurls - Gor gets belted Black/Blue - 25L , other colors available (it comes without jeans but looks like my avi is too thin to show her legs, I tried but she was horrible, I swear O_o)
2) Gor Gurls - Gor gets subtle Pink, 25L, other colors available
3) Una & Luas - Luas Graci Brown, 25L (this store is the good find of the day! I didn't know it before today and it's definetely worth. The outfit comes with 3 wearing options, there's another color available and a slavewear too)


4) Junbug - Cheeky Kitten V, 25L, other colors available
5) Junbug - Chizuko in Violet, 25L, other colors available

I'm still trying to work on my So Many Styles latest purchases, if SL doesn't kill me I'll show you tomorrow. Anyway, I do really hope you went and checked it out! Lol!

{SMS} 50% off!

50% off on *everything* at So Many Styles

Ends tomorrow, run! 

(Hopefully I'll show you what I got later today, but go and check it out in the meanwhile!)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Oriental style

Hair: .:MINA:. - "Franka macabrite" (picks prize)
Skin: [bubble] - "Dead doll skin" (free gift)
Dress: +Lika Ruby+ - "China dress lc green" (lucky board prize)
Shoes: tomoto - "Ballet pomme" (opening gift)
Pose: =IZUMIYA= - part of a pack of poses (freebie)

{Location: China Sichuan}


Twisted girl is one of the new releases at Savage.
You can find it in blue on the Midnight Mania board, 75 clicks needed!
2 wearing options, dress and camisk with thong, head band included.

(Please note: I'm wearing the Basic Tube Bra from Ohmai, 0L. If I didn't, the outfit would show  breasts. So don't forget to pick up the bra unless you have some good reasons to wander around breasts naked!)


Shoes are the Zimmy flats faded denim, blogged everywhere and still available at Shiny Things, subscribo gift.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Let's start with Skins!

Let's start the weekend with skins!

Cupcakes sent yesterday the May group gift, a set of 3 skins with an oriental flavour. Aww!
CStar is taking part in the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt and prepared a special set of skins, only available in this hunt. They are split in 12 little umbrellas in the store, very easy to find. Each umbrella includes a male and a female skin. 12 shades available (2 white, 2 pale, 2 tan, 2 bronze, 2 dark, 2 black) 

#1 & #2 Cupcakes - Blossom Group Gift - Tan & Medium (group notices) 
#3 CStar - Layla Skin, Gorean Hunt Edition - Pale 1, GGWH prize, 0L 

Thursday, 20 May 2010

GGWH part I? - Hair & Camisk

EDIT: The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt officially starts on the 22nd, so those prizes are already out!
Hints are available on the poster of the hunt in each store.

Here's the best of the forerunners, lol.  (I hope some disappointing prizes I found are a joke by the designers O_o)


Top: Ripped, Passion Camisk, yellow. GGWH prize, 0L. I'm wearing it matched with jeans and as a regular camisk.
Hair #1: Emo-tions, Gorean Hunter hair, black (unisex). GGWH prize, 0L.
Hair #2
Emo-tions, Claire, red. Free @ Hair Only

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Look of the day #2

Skin: *Eternity* - "500 group member memory gifts" (group gift - check the notice)
Hair: :::{trico}::: - "Group gift 3" (in store)
Glasses: Maschienenwerk - "CCn0 Glasses" (0 L)
Necklace: *Just me* on xstreetsl - "Funny Bow Grey" (0 L)
Shirt: Twosome - "Handy longshirt grey" (lucky chair prize)
Leggings: [SG*} - "Group gift leggings" (in store)
Shoes: PurpleMoon Creations - "Satine - Black stilettos" (free gift)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

25L Tuesday + Sales + Whatever

It's Tuesday again, I definetely love Tuesdays. Where did I buy today?
@ Tyranny Design, The Wench in red, 25L. Other colours available. (Furthermore, Tyranny Designs is running a reopening sales, everything is 50% off)
(Shoes from Vignette, Toasties Fruit, 0L)


@ Silk Worms, Black sin in red, 25L.


And because I'm crazy, I tried it with an old group gift from LeLutka (Anthea blogged it somewhere here...) and the latest release from Flavor, the cute Winnie updo (50L the colorpack at the "Everything 50L" sale I already blogged last week).


Arwen's Creations is celebrating the first year of business, that is why Arwen Serpente put some of her best selling gorean FW outfits off sale, only at the Blood Stone Island location. Run because it ends tomorrow!

Brunhilde - Crimson Flame, 350L. It comes with 2 skirts, 2 shirts, accessories, they can be mixed-and-matched in many ways, I'm showing only the 2 basic outfits.


Monday, 17 May 2010

Gifts & camping items

Skin: Razzanova - "Anne Claire - Ragazza" (SoM gift - there are other gifts in history)
Dress + socks: C'est la Vie - "Itemcamp teedress paysley heart" (camp for 20 minutes to get it)
Boots: *COCO* - "Flat ankle boots" (group gift)

Hair: VIXEN - "Jasmine - EspressoCurls" (picks gift)
Tee: Willow - "Freebie vest and boat neck tee combo" (free gift)
Bangles & earrings: Dark Mouse Jewelry - "Eighties Plaid Bangles set" (picks gift - everyday a new gift)
Shorts: label mode - part of the gift pack
Shoes: Passion Pit - "B-flats ~ Copperhead" (free gift)

Skin: VENENO - "Candice skin [Black Licorice]" (group gift)
Jacket: ROSSO+ - "Original Riders Jacket" - (camp for 30 minutes - only for group members)
Leggings: Trashy Girls In Style - "Sequin leggings" (May SoM gift)
Shoes:label mode - part of the gift pack

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Midnight Mania

New MM @ :: Wishbox ::

Invading Martina's post to show you the dress. Go and hit the MM or she'll cry! xD


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Stupid Cupid, you're a real mean guy !!!!!

Freebie by me for you all :D
Enjoy it <3

It was inspired by a song I love XD
Check it out LOL

30L Saturday

30L Saturday @ Ripped. Many colors available. A 30L slavewear is available too!


Gothic doll

Hair: fascino - Holly (hat is included and color change - group gift in store)
Skin: Eret!ka - The Crow (2 L)
Dress + gloves: Chic Couture on xstreet - Classy Girl Midnight (0 L)
Shoes: Violent Seduction - part of "Mad Moxxi" outfit (lucky chair)

Free AOs

Free AOs @ Kuso. Beware the lag!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Sales & Group Gifts

There are many good deals around the grid lately! Have a look! 

EDIT: Hurry for Pididdle, it will be over tonight! 


1) Hair: 75% sale on selected items to be discontinued soon @ I Love Olive , Woodstock in Black, 50L
Shirt: 50% sale @ Pididdle, Antique Lace Tank in Red, 45L (175L a fatpack of 7)
Jeans: Designs by Capri, Naughty Girl in Black, 1L 

2) Hair:  75% sale @ I Love Olive , Hope in Black, 50L
Gilet: 50% sale @ Pididdle, Going to Georgia Vest - Roadside Bloom, 45L (150L a fatpack of 4)

3) Hair:  75% sale @ I Love Olive , Betty in Black, 50L
Shirt: ALB group gift Peace shirt (in the notices of the group LAMU, comes with another 3 very cute shirts) 

50L Friday !

Hair and dress @ Tiny Bird

Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Bacchanal will drive you mad!

From the NC I got through Blue Blood :

"What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men." ~ H.P. Lovecraft

The Bacchanal has returned bringing with it lurking madness. And plenty of gorgeous goods inspired by the father of modern horror from some of your favorite creators on the grid, including

+++Blue Blood+++
Draconic Kiss
Rara Avis

and the definitive in Lovecraftian gear, Tekeli-li!

You will come, you will go mad from the prices, and you will thank me later. So come, enjoy the ambiance and generosity of these fantastic designers, but hurry, as the Bacchanal will pack up and disappear once again into the ether on the evening of the 16th."

Teleport here

13L @ Blue Blood Gache at the Bacchanal

Tattoos !!!!

New Tattoos by me on Xstreet :D

Elven Tattoo here

Tibetan Tattoo here

Spring time

Hair: Time of angel (lucky board only for group members)
Dress: Purplemoon (group gift)
Shoes: TESLA on xstreetsl (0 L)

Lucky Friends @ Vixen

Spending time with friends is priceless (...coff coff...except when they go shopping together...)
Lucky chair @ Vixen too!


Martina is wearing Angelica - Flame
Winter is wearing Siren - Raven

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Veneno - BoA - Tara

Dress: VENENO - Acid dress (group gift in store)
Necklace: *BoA Creations* - Fashion Necklace [Silver] (group gift in store)
Boots: ::]TARA[:: - Boot Dominatrix Blue (lucky cupcake or camping chair)

Sale Time !!!!!

@ Cupcakes sim, there is a 50L sale on several items, you can easily find them in the square.
(don't know how long it will be)

@ Magika there is a 99l sale fatpacks in the discount area.
 (don't know how long it will be)

@ Pididdle there is a 50% sale on everything (even fatpacks).
(May 11th - 14th)Pubblica post

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Macabre Hunt

 Hi girls :D Today I wanna show you an amazing preview of the Macabre Hunt, starting 13th May !!!!!!!
 The lovely Ikaru Aichi, owner of Violent Seduction already put her hunt gift out, for my happiness eheheeh xD

The gift is this lovely goth lingerie called "Lenore" and this amazing pale skin !

And nope, I won't tell you where the apple is :P find it yourself LOL (it's easy xD)

25L Tuesday @ Gor Gurls

Today's 25L Tuesday is for Gor Gurls
I'm wearing Gor Loves Liquorice in Pink, 3 top options, skirt and underwear. Other colours available! 25L! 




At Gor Gurls you can find also a very cute slavewear in many colour options, and I advise to all the slaves/slavewear lovers reading to check the Junbug 25L item too! 

Monday, 10 May 2010

Junbug & Flavor!

First of all, congrats to Martina for starting her own activity! 
I have many things to show you today, so I won't talk long, happy?

Junbug is a gorean and vintage fashion store I found out thanks to 25L Tuesday and my friend Maja.
You can find this cute outfit as a group gift in the notices, run because I'm not sure about how long it will stay. It's made of an asymmetric skirt and 3 top options (I'm showing 2, the third one is the ragged top only).

Astrid in Flame, Junbug group gift.



Let me show you another couple of items from Junbug, limited time offer Xstreet only (inworld they're sold full price). 

Poppy (150L on Xstreet)


Sweety Camisk Candy (99L on Xstreet)


I can't help to mention the wonderful sandals from YS&YS, thestore just entered my top 3 shoes because of them. I fell in love! I'm wearing RaiMbow Shoes Bianca, it was in The Dressing Room collection in the past weeks, but you can find many more colours and options at YS&YS mainstore.
You may have noticed (maybe...) I'm wearing a bracelet too. It comes from the Spring Cleaning Sales at Earthstones, in the bargain section many items that will be discontinued are being sold at a lower price (between 49L and 125L, more or less). I bought the 3 bracelet set called Wood Cuff Bracelet - Wood, 49L.
The poses are from Diesel Works.

Flavor! Designs just moved again, and it's running another 50L on everything sale. It will last a couple of weeks, so don't miss it. Furthermore, 15 vendors are set to OL, and I'll give you a little hint: you will find freebies for men and women, in the accessories, clothing and hair sections of the store.

Amethyst Kilt, 50L.It comes with top and anklets (have anyone noticed I like kilts? No? You're slow, guys! LOL!)
Lucienta red pack is one of the 0L items.


Now a mix and match of my favourite items!

Onyx Kilt, 50L. It comes with top (not worn) and anklets.
Grunge Nature - Shadow, 50L, New release, many colors available and definetely my favourite top in the store!