Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cupid's Heart Hunt

Today a new hunt started: Cupid's Heart Hunt, which involves 27 japanese stores and has a lot of great gifts...
This is the starting point: Cupid's Heart Hunt-Starting Point, you have to find small hearts.

Eyes: ::Umedama Holic:: (Koi-Pink)
Jacket: MNK*Shop (FurFur_jacket)
Top: *MIU* (coco-platinum)

Dress, book and socks: Slow Kitchen
Shoes: +mocha+ (Sweet Twilight Shoes)

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Group gifts & freebies

Rotten Toe has a new group gift: this great skin!

~Bounce~ also has a new group gift: this set of skins and the tattoo (check the notice - there is another old gift in the notice, snowy elf ears)

And here other group gifts and freebies/dollarbies...
Hair: Analog Dog (recolored with the free HUD) - free
Skin: Heartsick for FabulouslyFree Group (10.000 members gift)
Elf ears: RGK ("Straight elf ears" - there are also "Curved elf ears" in store) - free
Scarf: [Last Period] (group gift in store)
Jacket: +HONEY+ (group gift in store)
Shirt: Peppermint Blue (free)
Leggings: *+*JILL*+* (group gift)
Boots: Paraphrase (dollarbie)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Skins & Accessories !!!!!!

3 free skins @ Nuuna's Skins ^^

Cool group gifts @ Happy Finds
Aren't these glasses and this necklace adorable ????
If you prefer just search for the group "Annoying Japanese Children"

MM @ Little Pricks


Sunday, 24 January 2010

50L Sale at Flavor!

Flavor! is moving! To celebrate the opening of the new store, every color pack is sold at 50L! You can see some hairstyles in my older posts, and I'll try to show you more later tonight. This is a great chance for both boys and girls! 

EDIT: Pic spam!! I'm not showing any male hair but there are sooo many, check tem! And...sorry, black is definetly my favourite colour, but there are lots of shades in every colour pack, and many unnatural styles too! 







The skin I'm wearing is from Plastic Flowers (soon a closeup because it's worth!) and the outfit is a gift at [Last Period]

Friday, 22 January 2010


Do you like tattoos? Well, just click this midnight mania boards and you will get these fabulous tattoos *_*

CyberStar BodyArt tattoos & mor

Celtic warrior & Wicked Tribal tattoos: ::Para Designs::

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Good morning!

Let's start with a good news just dropped in my inventory! Tiny Bird is having a 50% off! 
The sale has no deadline yet but it will last for some days, then the store will be closed for update: some old styles will be retextured, some others retired. 

Group gift time! I'm wearing the January group gift from ALB Dream Fashion, available in store. The group put lately a 100L joining fee. If you are lucky and you were already a member, don't miss this outfit! And if you're not in the group but you like the style, not that easy to find in Second Life, I advise you to join, you won't regret: the designer always gives her group members great quality gifts. 
The coat can be worn as a little cute bolero too, and please look at the little feather detail on the shirt! I simply love it! Boots included. 

Now a closeup. I'm finally wearing the Sasha hairstyle in bistre from Maitreya that I've already blogged somewhere, you can get it in the Red Cross support skybox for only 50L. The hat is color change.
The skin is a Cupcakes gift available at Fabfree Headquarters. It comes in a big gift bag with a shape (not worn), some eye colours (not worn) and clothes (not worn either, lol). The feature I love most about Cupcakes skins is the colour change eyebrows: in the pack you will find some hairbases with different eyebrow colours. Just wear your favourite one. 
The nose chain is a subscribo gift from Virtual Insanity (it's virtually insane I'm wearing it, it's not my style, but I just thought it was worth and many of you could like it!). It comes in white, black and silver (wearing the silver) and many other colours are available in a dollarbie pack near the subscribo board. 

Anais - Empire outfit is a dollarbie from PixelDolls @ Dubya City. You can find also a 25L PixelDolls gift card, a male outfit and a bikini, and some gifts from other stores. 
Brynna is a hairstyle from Flavor!, the blondes pack is on Midnight Mania.

Last one for today: LFS group gift, available inworld. It's so cute! I love the pin and the stockings' details!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Kouse Sanctum Ice Hunt + Discounted Items

It's gown time again! Yay!
Kouse from Kouse's Sanctum is running a little hunt in her new sim, Avilion Peninsula.

Some of you may have completed the Kouse's Allegra Hunt, so you know what I'm talking about. If you didn't, no worries! How does the hunt work?
You will have to look for seven snowflakes all around the new sim, and buy each one for 1L. In every snowflake you will find a special edition "Ice" of Kouse's gowns and a snowflake. When you collect all the snowflakes, you put them in a folder named with your name and "Ice Hunt" and send it to Kouse. Every completed hunt will be rewarded with a special prize.
For the laziest ones (LOL), the hunt prizes can be bought for 100L each in Kouse's Sanctum Main Store, but in that case you won't get the special prize.

Last but not least, Kouse discounted several designs and put them in a little store in the Avilion Peninsula sim. Yay! Thank you, Kouse!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I have to admit I can't resist medieval. And in SecondLife I found out I love Gorean outifs too, although I can't say Gorean lifestyle fits to me. Today I'm showing you some special deals from a leading store in the field, Ripped. They are running a 50% off on above 200 outfits in the bargain section, they will be ritired slowly but forever! So don't miss the chance to get something good to roleplay and for all your medieval moments!

Outfit: DA - Knitted F Outfit - Yellow: Lucky Board prize at Ripped
Hair: Connect, in the big pack of free hairstyles at Magika, already blogged by Martina.
Skin: Cupcakes January Gift: Diamond - Cameo (Cupcakes lowered to 0L the enrolling fee of its group this week only, I advise you to join now!

Outfit: Yo Hoe outfit, bargain section at Ripped, more colours available. 150L
Hair: Biji, in the big pack of free hairstyles at Magika, already blogged by Martina.

This outfit can be worn with or without the skirt and the corset (my avi is too shy to take off her corset though!)

Hair: Cupcake, in the big pack of free hairstyles at Magika, already blogged by Martina.

Quick news: Cupcakes is running a BOGO (Buy One Get One) sale today only: for every skin or fatpack purchased, you will receive another one for free.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Maitreya - 50L hair for the Red Cross + I'm a cute sprite!

Ok, I was planning to blog something different, but I just got a news that is absolutely worth. Maitreya put out a pre-release of their new Sasha hair, one in blonde and one in black. It costs only 50L (each color) and all the proceeds of its sale will go to the Red Cross for Haiti. Spend your lindens for a good reason and get an awesome hairstyle!

See you later or tomorrow for the rest, LOL!

EDIT: Here the rest! 

Dress: Wishbox Sprite Dress (gold), Midnight Mania Prize at Wishbox.
Circlet: High Priestress Circlet, lucky chair prize at Wishbox
Skintone: PLFL Shattered, comes in Pale and Tan (I'm wearing Pale), 25L at Plastic Flowers. Crying version available at the same price.
Hairstyle: Jezibell in black, hair accessories color change, brown pack on lucky chair at Flavor

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Free Hair and 50% Sale !!!!!

Magika have a super gift for you girls !!!!!!!
14 free FATPACKS of hair :D
Hurry up and get them ^^

Aoharu is having a 50% sale on averything !!!!
Isn't this great ?????????

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Elven Outfits :D

Lucky chairs with theses amazing elf outfits @ De La Fae  ^^

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Gift Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

PixelDolls@Dubya City : the gift card on the Midnight Mania is back, and now it's a 175L one! Go and slap it, I haven't found anything in the store that costs more than 150L! Run! 

Freebies & Group Gifts

Hi folks! Today I have a lot of freebies and group gifts for you! *__* Let's have a look!

Hair: ROGE (group gift - there's also a lucky board in the store)
Knit shirt: Oyakin (New year's gift)
Skirt and gloves: League
Socks: **en Svale**
Boots: sf design (January freebie)

Hair: [mixxES] at Zest Town (lucky board)
Dress: [mixxES] at Zest Town (Zest group gift)

Leather black coat: Remember (dollarbie - there is a leather coat also for men and other dollarbies ^_^)
Cardigan: sf design (gift)
Laced pants: *Lunas Boutique* (group gift - check the notice)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Mischief Fatpack Sale!

I'm back from my loooooooooooooong holiday and I'm bringing good news :)
Most of the fatpacks at Mischief are marked down at 200L. Awesome!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year.....New Goodies XD

 Happy New Year everybody *______*

We are back with some goodies :D

Dollarbies t-shirts @ Drowsy
Free skin, group gift @ &Bean
Free 2010 elf years with diamonds @ Battle Fairy
Camping chair Hair @ Yuna's Hair (there is another camping chair with different hair and lucky boards)