Saturday, 31 July 2010

30L Kajira

My choice for today's 30L Saturday is dedicated to all the SL kajirae!

Junbug - Sweet Cheeks - 30L (other colour available, 150L the fatpack)
Deviant Designs - Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt prize - Bejewelled Bare Feet (Thanks Renee - check out her post, she showed plenty of beautiful dresses)


Other credits: 
Hair: Emo-tions
Skin: Pulse, teaser of one of the new lines that will be released at the reopening of the store! Stay tuned!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Cheap & Jolie

My dear friend Kaetel Seubert, with whom I share a crazy passion for the vintage, has just started to share her own creations on Xstreet!
She sells amazing retro clothings, and the max price is 25L! Yay for Kaetel and for affordable vintage fashion!
Let me show you her beautiful items, that you can also check out on Kaetel's blog and Flickr!

1) Melanconic Dress - here - 25L


2) Envie Dress - here - 25L


3) Lyrie Dress - here - 25L


4) Le Poofy Shirt Melanconie - here - 15L


5) Le Poofy Shirt Lyrie - here - 15L


6) Le Poofy Shirt Envie - here - 15L


7) Lyrie des perles Vest - here - 20L


8) Melanconie des perles Vest - here - 20L


9) Envie des perles Vest - here - 20L


Other credits
Hair: Ay.line, Lamb, Vignette,, W&Y, Mina, Tiny Bird
Skin: TheObscene
Eyes: Pulse

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

[Review Time] The Obscene

TheObscene is an awesome store run by Kuja Akina, that is first of all a great skin designer, and shows her talent creating beautiful and peculiar hairstyles as well as quality clothings.
Let me show you some samples!

1) Skin: TheObscene - Mona - 03 - tone 1
Hairstyle: TheObscene - Mana - Midnight
Tank: TheObscene - Lacey Tank - Onyx 13 (many colours available)


2) Skin: TheObscene - Mona - 01 - tone 3
  Hairstyle: TheObscene - Evyone w\extra - Medium Irish Red (available without bang on the forehead too)
Tank: TheObscene - Lacey Tank - Onyx 13 (many colours available)


3) Skin: TheObscene - Mona - 03 - tone 3
Hairstyle: TheObscene - Meggie - Brown
Tank: TheObscene - Lacey Tank - Onyx 13 (many colours available)

TheObscene00 copia

As you can see, the style is very peculiar and original, and all avis that like to dare with their outfits will appreciate it a lot.
Pay a visit to TheObscene and enjoy all the beautiful creations you can find there! Thank you, Kuja!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Late news from the SOL

While browsing my inventory and trying to recover things (I didn't know it was so easy to forget where you put things after not logging for a couple of weeks!), I found some other very cute items available at the Summer of Love Fair. You have probably already seen them somewhere else but it's my way to say thank you to the generous designers that dropped them in my inventory.

Bounce - Eva Drow Skin Rainbow & Jeans Dress Fullpack (4 wearing options)

SOL - Bounce

Broken Doll - On the Farm in Pink (Bloody version included too)

SOL - BrokenDoll

Hair: Magika & Clawtooth
Skin and eyes: Pulse

Friday, 23 July 2010

*+*JILL*+* - Vinyl Cafè - Unique Clothing - :::I CE COCO:::

Dress: *+*JILL*+* - "FGD" (0 L - find it outside the store in the garden)
Shoes: Vinyl Cafè - "Cherry Chained Stilettos" (group gift - check the notice)

Skin: ::: I CE COCO::: - "Margot" (lucky board)
Outfit: Unique Clothing - "Suited" (group gift in store)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


**Angelwing** has a mini hunt going on during these days... you have to find 8 pair of wings to get this beautiful fairy dress.


There is another beautiful dress you can find at the store, "Christina Bronze Dress"... and its' free!


Summer of Love Fair - Again!

Hello everybody! Yeah I've been away again, RL has been huge lately! I missed the great opening of the Summer of Love Fair, too bad! But above all I missed the 2 days for bloggers only, and now it's a big mess trying to have a look, always so crowded!
I want to show you some very cute items that super nice designers kindly dropped in my inventory. I apologize for being so late and if I missed anything, feel free to resend me or to contact me in that case! Thank you for understanding!

Here we are with lots of cute and summery items!

Amacci - Thorn Earrings and Necklace
Rockberry - Kalista skin (light and black brows, previously blogged by Martina)


Holly Pocket - Summer Love Fair - Khaki


Alexohol - Bellini Shorts Blue & Arizona Sunshine Top Pink

SOL - Alexohol - BelliniArizona

Alexohol - Jamaican Bum Shorts Dot White & Summerwind Tank Teal

SOL - Alexohol - JamaicaSummerwind

Check them out at the Summer of Love Fair!

Other credits:
Skin & Eyes: Pulse
Hair: Posh

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Summer of Love Fair LM !!!!

There U go guys :D Enjoy this awesome event ^_^

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer of Love Fair Preview : Plastik, Rockberry, Dernier Cri, LouLou & League

In some hours the Summer of Love Fair will be open to the public, ready to go there guys ? ^^

Here I show you my favourite items so far :D

 Dress & tattoo by Plastik, hair by Dernier Cri and skin by Rockberry

Armband & shirt by LouLou

Dresses by League

Friday, 16 July 2010

Summer of Love Fair Preview: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ & .:Shush:.

At the Summer of Love Fair you can find these exclusive clothes by ~*INDIE ROSE*~; the name is "Chiffon Jumper" and each single colour's price is 200 L, the fatpack costs 800 L.

Another store you can find at the fair is .:Shush:.. There are three items, "Mini skirt outfit", "Tattoo trio" and "Oversized Bf shirt"; each item costs 99 L.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Summer of Love Fair Preview: .SweetAntidote.

First of all, what is "Summer of Love Fair"?

From the official blog:

This July, a selection of your favourite designers will be presenting us with brand new items at the Summer of Love Fair. These items will be available at the fair and nowhere else (at least ’til it’s over). Clothing, skins, hair, poses, accessories and more… we’ve got you covered.

The location remains undisclosed for now, but join our update group and we will keep you up to date with the latest information as it breaks.

THIS EVENT IS NOT TO RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY. IT IS TO RAISE AWARENESS. ALL PROFITS GO TO THE DESIGNERS. However designers are encouraged to donate some of their profits to Hopeline. This is optional and all designers are left in charge of their own decisions about this. You can find more information about Hopeline at

See the bottom of the notecard for the latest list of the designers involved.

:: DATE ::
The fair will take place between JULY 18TH and AUGUST 8TH (now it's open only for bloggers :P)

The purpose of this fair is twofold… firstly, FASHION. Who doesn’t love a good fashion event? Brand new items, some at discount rates, all in one glorious place. Lovely. Secondly though, there will be information about all sorts of mental health issues and illnesses throughout the venue. Mostly these will be visual aids around the precious couture so that people don’t have to read huge chunks of text. The main purpose of the fair is to de-stigmatise mental health issues. A lot of people in Second Life have unhappy “real lives”… for whatever reason. Some of us are unwell, disabled, depressed and other people are just lonely or don’t like who they think they are; but no one is alone and in SL we can be ourselves. So don’t let it beat you black and blue… couture can help!

And now... a preview of some items you can find at the fair.
I received two dresses from Noena Merlin, the owner of .SweetAntidote.
Each dress comes in two colours and they are exclusively made only for this fair.

The first dress is called "fleur gentille", and it's a elegant gown with coordinate gloves, in two colours, pink or green.
The price is 180 L.

The second one is called "tropical touch", and it's made of a top and an asymmetric skirt. You can buy it in green or blue for 160 L.

Thank you Noena for these beutiful dresses! :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

[ Review Time ] - Violent Seduction

Hello darlings, sorry if I kinda disappeared but RL is stealing all my energy é_é
Anyway I'm back with some reviews =D
It's the turn of Violent Seduction, a lovely goth shop *_*

In this pic I'm showing you some of the new releases ^^

The "Nymph Avatar", available in 5 colors (each color has skin, ears, hoofs and tail).
-I'm wearing the color called "Life"-

The "Astron Dress", available in 7 colors :D
-I'm wearing the color called "Life"-

They are super cute *____*
TY Ikaru, XOXO

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Skin: *Rave* - "Rose cry skin" (Lowcy Hunt prize - search for a sword)
Hair: Clawtooth - "True Betty - Uptown brown (not free)
Hair roses: LollipopZ - "Roses accessory" (0 L)
Dress: aMuse - "Vintage Flair" (Vintage Flair Hunt prize - search for a perfume bottle")
Cigarette: [AD] on xstreetsl - "AD - Cigarette Freebie" (0 L)
Shoes: EXiA - "Enamel Pumps" - (0 L)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday freebies!

Skin: Cupcakes - "Dahlia - Cameo navy" (part of the new group gift in store - group has now a fee of 100 L)
Hair: *RibboN* - "wataame hair" (lucky board)
Neckwarmer: Twosome - "Snugly neckwarmer blue" (lucky chair)
Top: *+*JILL*+* - FT-Light Blue" (group gift in store)
Pants: -MHFA- part of "Vestsuit blue F" (0 L)
Shoes: :Liriope: - "rain shoes blue" (1 L)
Bag: .:Pelletteria Morrisey:. - "Ischia bag" (0 L)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Shadow warrior

Outfit + boots: PEKAS - "Shadow warrior" (free - hit the MM board here to grab it)
Skin: Fhang Candy@Enky's Dollastore Freebies - "Cielia Exclusive to Enktan Dollarbies" (1 L)
Hair: Magika - "Poof" (not free)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

On the beach

Skin: Cupcakes - "Dahlia copper" (group gift - open enrollment for now, so join if you haven't done yet ^^)
Hat: [dekade] - part of the summer gift bag (0 L)
Hair + flower: - "Marie" (not free)
Swimsuit: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ - "Lani one-piece" (0 L)
Flip flops: In her shoes (0 L - color change)

{Location: artilleri}

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Look of the day #4

Skin: [ORTA] - Lelutka skin, previously blogged by Winter (free SoM gift)
Hair: AY.LinE - July group gift (free in store)
Earrings + necklace: + Mariposa + - "Simplicity Blue" (lucky chair)
Skirt + shirt: Willow@Alphabet Soup Bazaar - "Poof Dress" (0 L)
Cardigan: DEMISE - "Knit cardigan" (0 L)
Stockings: Love Its - "Stockings-lace" (lucky board)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: - "Slate Blue Leather Booties" (SoM gift- check the history)
Pose: GLITTERATI (not free)
{Location: Utopia}

25L Tuesday!

I'm back with 25L Tuesday!
Today I'll show you the items offered by two of my favourite stores, Silk Worms and Junbug.

Silk Worms - MO - Indigo (many wearing options available)

Junbug - Ariadne IV (many wearing options available)

The beautiful skin I'm wearing it's the opening gift by Orta, you surely have already seen it everywhere but it so beautiful that a credit is worth.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ripped Hunt & Sales

A post for the roleplay lovers!
Ripped is taking part in the hunt organized by the Gorfest event, and the prize (very easy to find, just enter the main building and let things rezz) is this shipwreked outfit. You are looking for a golden coin, you will find 2, one with the female and one with the male version of the outfit.


Furthermore, Ripped is running a late 4th July sales, all blue, red and white items are marked to 50% off, and this includes the discount wall at the back of the store. Check it out before it's too late!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dany French Touch - News and Dollarbies

Dany French Touch is a super cute store where you can find beautiful clothes for unbelievably cheap prices. There is a whole wall of dollarbies, for both male and female, and all the rest is priced 150L. You will find casual clothes as well as elegant and historical, many of them can be used in roleplay too.
Here's the latest dollarbie for women, Mona (another dollarbie for men is available too!)...


...and this is Alis, the new release!


Merci beaucoup, Dany! :-)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Pididdle group

Today I received a nc from Pididdle, regarding the opening of a new exclusive group.

From the notecard:
Today I introduce to you Pididdle's special group for its biggest fans.
This group is not subscriber, so it will take up group space, but its well worth it.

Priviledges of being in the group:

☆ First to know about sales and releases.
☆ Exclusive gift color of every release.
☆ Special sales only group members can partake in.
☆ Beta tests of my upcoming skin ( Yes, I am attempting it again! Wish me luck! )

There is only one catch..
The group will only be open for joining until Monday//July 5th//6pm SLT.
After this date, it will be sealed off.

To join the group, copy and paste this link into your local chat window.
Click the link and it will open the join group page.

From the group profile:
Open for enrollment 7/2/2010 - 7/5/2010
After this date the group will be closed.
Requests to be added will be declined.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday freebies :D

Skin @ [dekade] (SOM gift)
Shirt @ Blouse Bonanza (SOM gift)
Jeans @  (Good Shit Hunt prize)
Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Good Shit Hunt prize)