Saturday, 3 July 2010

Pididdle group

Today I received a nc from Pididdle, regarding the opening of a new exclusive group.

From the notecard:
Today I introduce to you Pididdle's special group for its biggest fans.
This group is not subscriber, so it will take up group space, but its well worth it.

Priviledges of being in the group:

☆ First to know about sales and releases.
☆ Exclusive gift color of every release.
☆ Special sales only group members can partake in.
☆ Beta tests of my upcoming skin ( Yes, I am attempting it again! Wish me luck! )

There is only one catch..
The group will only be open for joining until Monday//July 5th//6pm SLT.
After this date, it will be sealed off.

To join the group, copy and paste this link into your local chat window.
Click the link and it will open the join group page.

From the group profile:
Open for enrollment 7/2/2010 - 7/5/2010
After this date the group will be closed.
Requests to be added will be declined.

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