Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

December Group Gift from ::Wetcat::

(Dollarbies under the Christmas tree, subscribo and group gifts and above all awesome and cheap couple poses and swings)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

*Noju*&Plastic Flower

I would like to show you a cuuuuuuuuuuute group gift from *Noju*: hairstyle with horns! 

And now a closeup: the sweeeet Crystalin Clayton, who is starting her own business at Plastic Flower, offers a very very beautiful skin  for only 15L!  3 make up available (15L each): green, purple and smokey. Don't miss the chance to get an awesome skin for few lindens!
Furthermore, under the Christmas tree you will find 2 dollarbie boxes, one with a cute pose and the other with 3 shapes. Enjoy! 

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Gifts from :S:ycophancy

:S:ycophancy released two group gifts for Christmas, one for girls and one for boys... Here they are!

":S:ycophancy Christmas Gift for the Good Little Girls"
Other items:
Hair: Maitreya (not free)
Skin: Vive9 (group gift)
Boots: ::Duh!:: (Down the Chimney Hunt prize)

":S:ycophancy Christmas Gift for the Good Little Boys"
There is also another group gift:

":S:ycophancy Ribboned Tee - Playa Group Gift"
They have other three freebie T-shirt! ^^

Thanks Aoharu & Atomic :D

Let me show some great gifts from Aoharu, a shop I love <3
You just need to join the group and search for them in the shop tp have them :D
Here they are :

And what about this freaking amazin skin and horns ??????
You just need to join the Atomic VIP Group (250L fee but it's really worth it)

Friday, 18 December 2009


I can't resist ethnic styles. It's not my fault. I'm obsessed, lol.
I'm wearing an awesome gift from Mashooka. You can find it, together with other 4-5 gifts (the biggest box is a male outfit) outside the store. 

Other good deals:
Hairstyle by Junwave, 40L

Obviously, I can't resist fairy outfits either. Haha! 
I'm wearing the Lynet Christmas Mini Dress, 20L, from Kouse's Sanctum advent calendar (wings included).
The elf ears by Sn@tch, colour change, 15L, come from the Winterville Bazaar, a little market where you can find items from various stores at 15L or under. Furthermore, all the objects are transfer, so you can buy them as a gift.
The Miss Bumble boots are a dollarbie at Sole Sisters. The store is worth a visit: for every pair of shoes on sale, one colour is marked 1L. 

The Black Market !!!!!!!

There is an event going on @ The Black Market !!!!!
Famous designers will put awesome thing at lower prices.

Two nice offers they have atm are these :D

I  love them *_* (They are not free)

This one is free, it's from Sugarcube always at The Black Market !!!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Martini dress

Get this super fashion dress at the SOM @ Truth :D

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Hair Sale :D

Awesome hair sale @ Magika !!!!!!
Everything on the second floor is 10L, also skin at the discount area.

Another great sale is the Winter SALE  @ Junwave main shop :D 39 item are 50% OFF!! (they have a mark on it)

The Cutest Thing

I'm totally in love with this cuuuute outfit from :::**Ray Skin**::: , 1L! It comes with gloves and hairstyle with hat that I'm not wearing in the pic. Another dollarbie available too.

Other good deals: 
Shoes by HOC, 30L and colour change.

Flo was kind enough to let us know she put out a new gift, the peculiar Xenia eyes, 1L. You can find them in the gift box at her store. I couldn't help to take a pic with the Coca Cola Bear too, gift from the little robot that wanders around the shop! Always Coca Cola! Haha!
The Pamela skin is a dollarbie from one of my favourite skin stores, Lazolli. Check the pink box! It comes with 2 no modify shapes that I'm not wearing.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Good News!

Pixel Dolls @ Dubya City has a 75L gift card on its Midnight Mania. The gift card can be used only in that location, but it definetly worth a click! If you get it, pay attention: some of the older items are off sale at 10L at the main location, so check out what are you going to buy. 

Good news for the Shoes-Addicted (like me!): you can't miss the Step On It hunt, which involves around 40 shoes stores! More news (and pics) to come. Check the official blog, you will find the store list and hints! Some male/unisex prizes available!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas freebies!

Today I want to show you some great Christmas freebies and group gifts. ^__^

Outfit: M*Motion
Boots: *COCO* (group gift)
Cap and mittens “Beary White”: [KUE] (subscribo gift - December gift)

Other items:
Skin: Vive9 (old group gift)
Hair: Maitreya (not free)
Pose: LAP (Poop Hunt '09)

Sweater: S@bbia (group gift)
Boots: *ordinary design* (xmas gift)

Other items:
Skin: Vive9 (old group gift)
Hair: (old group gift)
Pose: LAP (Poop Hunt '09)

Dress: Umi Usagi (group only - 20 minutes camping)
Reindeer horns: [hoorenbeek] (christmas gift)
Shoes: Step Ahead (group gift)

Other items:
Skin: Curio (group gift)
Hair: Truth (not free)
Pose: LAP (Poop Hunt '09)

Happy RezDay to meeee xD

Ok, today is my rezzday LOL and I just got lot of great things that I want to share with you ^^


Free shoes @ Edelweiss 
Christmas dress (5L if I'm not wrong XD) and socks @ Rotten Toe


Free fatpack of awesome skins ("Gala & Rita Design Announcements" group gift) @ Curio
SOM gift hair @ Clawtooth

Not Free :
Skin : League
Hair : Truth
Poses : LAP

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Quick Notice!

Curious Kitties: Update Group Gift (group tag needed) and 50-90% off until 28th December.

Pididdle: 50L Secret sale, items in green and red marked down at 50L. The sale is a part of a bigger project called "S0 2010 50L Secret Sale", which involves many other stores, but most of them haven't run the sale yet. Further notices will come about the matter!
Update: Baiastice just put out four 50L items (and 2 gifts for men and women under the Christmas tree).

*Lunas boutique*: quoting the update group notice, "All in the boutique for 176L$ till 31 december!!!

Eyes and other great freebies !!!!

A store I absolutely love, Poetic Colors, has new great freebie eyes :D Light and dark version included !!!!!

-New free scarf from Truth !!! Get it at the subscribe-o-matic.
(10 colord included)

-Gorgerous group gift hair from Junwave :D (need group tag)
@ Junwave there are also camping chair ^^


Goth outfit at the Lucky Fortune @ Nomine :D
There are also new gifts at the lucky chairs !

Dollarbie elf ears @ [Buried] (they change color tooo :D)
There are also dollarbie piercings at the shop ^^

Not free :
Hair : yumyum
Skin : Curio, League & LionSkins
Socks : sheer
Poses : [LAP]

Friday, 11 December 2009


If you love retro and vintage as I do, now it's your moment: 50% off to celebrate the 4th year of business at Artilleri.
Sabina swimsuit: 75L (other colours available)

1st mate capris (75L, other colours available)
Marion Cardigan, Deadly rose hair flower and Gladys glasses are the Subscribe-o-Matic welcome gift.

Other good deals:
Shoes from HOC, 10L and color change.
Hair: (75L until 12/14)

Down the Chimney Hunt - Part 2

New prizes from the Down the Chimney Hunt ^^

Dress: Violent Seduction
Shoes: Wot?
Sweater: Cyanide
Panties: =Hoot=
Socks: Sand Shack Surf Co.

Hair: Soap Co.
Sweater: Tyranny Design

Shirt: Ducknipple

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mini Hunt @ Frick !!!!!!!!

OMG, I always loved Frick.....even more when there are mini hunts going on :D

There are 14 candy cane to find, for a total if 13 great skins and a cute dress ^^
(Each candy cane is 1L$)

Here you can see the dress and one of the skins of the hunt :D
What are you waiting for ? Go get them ^___^

Down the Chimney Hunt - Part 1

Here some prizes from the Down the Chimney Hunt ^__^

Sweater and scarf: Shiki Design

Shirt, vest and trousers (for men, but good also for girls XD): Doppelganger Inc.

Jacket: Blue Blood

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

More Christmas goodies ^^

Sweet Christmas hair @ Truth (subscribe-o-matic gift ^^)

Freebie cute jumper @ Berries Inc.

Sexy purple outfit @ Deviance (subscribe-o-matic gift)
Purple boots @ Deviance (0L in store)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Winter & Christmas time :D

Do you want this super cute and funny outfit by Tyranny Designs ???
Just search for the group "I <3 the Starlust" ^^. Visit Tyranny's will find amazing outfits and skins for your avatars *_*

Not Free

Skin : Tyranny Designs
Hair :

This gorgeous outfit is a campig chair gift from Hal*Hina ^^ (just 20 minutes)
Remember to wear group tag for camping :D

Not Free
Skin : Pink Fuel
Hair : Alli&Ali Designs
Shoes : HOC

!Mingo!, a little cute japanese shop, is going out of business and selling everything at 0L/10L. I'm wearing "!Mingo! gothic lolly shoes" in black (you can either camp them for 45 mins or buy them for 10L- other colours available) and !Mingo! girly hair in black, 10L (fatpack with 4 colours).

The socks are a gift from [ROCKBERRY], available in the *A Special Gift 4* box under the Christmas tree at the store for 1L. In the box you will find the socks and the stokings version in 5 colours. Other dollarbie boxes under the tree.
Useless to say, [ROCKBERRY] is a great source of quality gifts: 4 skins on lucky boards, 4 group gift skins still available at the store and skin again in the prize of the Peace on Earth hunt, very easy to find (a globe with a dove).

Another cute Christmas dress is from Lo*Momo !!!!!!!
Hurry up and get it from the lucky chair in the shop ^^ (need group tag).