Thursday, 30 September 2010

Warm Fall

Autumn in my city is warm and rather sunny, I'm not wearing jackets and scarves yet during the day. It's a period I really like, colours are wonderful and the cold is hiding around the corner, letting you enjoy those late beautiful hours...


Dress: DCNY @ Costa Rica Autumn Dress Creme, 1L (other colours available in the other locations of the store)
Bolero: G Field Ruffle Bolero Pumpkin - in the subscribo

Other credits:
Hair: Magika
Skin: TheObscene
Eyes: Pulse
Shoes: Baby Monkey

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Fall Winter

I have been neglecting hunts lately, mainly because I have an oversized inventory and I'm trying to reduce it, and second, because only few ones really caught my attention. The Seasons Hunt is the exception! In the last 2 days I received plenty of notecards from store groups and subscribos, with pics of their great prizes, so curiosity won and I decided to have a try. It was worth! It's not a long hunt, the items are rather easy to find and omg the prizes are awesome! Many beautiful clothes and hairstyles, but also very very nice accessories!
Let's see what I put together today, of course retro and fantasy can't be absent. Furthermore, I can't totally ignore the winterish and medieval part of my soul, so I picked also some more items besides the hunt prizes!

.44 Caliber & Djinn&Tonic - Djinn & Tonic {TSH} Faun - .44 Caliber Collaboration - male and female version - skin included
Mouth Leaf: part of Scribble - Autumn Leaf Set

Autumn 01

Skin: &Bean - Old bones IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL pale (2 more tones available)
Hair: Tiny Bird - Black Sheep Boy Rich Brown (another style available)
Skirt: Pididdle - High Waisted Tube Skirt Gold Floral
Leggings: This is a Faun - Knit leggings (3 colours available)
Top: part of So Many Styles - Knitt Sleeveless Sweater and Tee
Mouth Leaf & Necklace: Scribble - Autumn Leaf Set
Pin: [glow] studio - Covered with Leaves brooch

Autumn 02

Hair: !Ohmai - A Little Nutty - Rich Sushi (other colours available)
Dress: Ingenue - Highland Traveler
Scarf: Theosophy - Auldearn Scarf (another colour available)

Autumn 03

Hair: Clawtooth - One Fine Day Autumn mix
Scarf: Concrete Flowers - Fallen Leaves Scarf

Autumn 04
Have a look at Olela's entry for more beautiful prizes! Now, as for the rest...

Dress: The White Armory - Deadly Nightshade Gown Set - group gift (tag needed)
Skin: Lelutka - Ava lgt 250910 Dbrows - group gift (in notices)

Winter - TWALelutka

Dress: Mystic Sky - Autumn Gown in Purple - New lucky chair prize (the store is also running a 50% sale on a colour for each dress sold, a visit is worth!)

Lucky Chair Mystic Sky

Other credits:
Shoes: HOC (10L)
Hair: EMO-tions, Shari, new release
Eyes: Hermony
Poses: Diesel Works, Odyssey set, new release

Friday, 24 September 2010

Deviance - mini hunt!

A super mini hunt, 3 pieces to find only, is running at Deviance. The prize is the beautiful Dark Elementalist outfit in the Tarnished Teal shade. You are looking for 3 tiny witch hats!
Surreal LeShelle, the designer, was kind enough to give us also 3 very useful hints (the hunt took me 5 minutes including the rezzing time), that I'm copying here from her notecard for your convenience (I'm not sure you can recover it from the subscribo):

Piece #1 Hint: "She comes from the Underdark"
Piece #2 Hint: "The Nutcracker, Act II"
Piece #3 Hint: "Double, double, toil and trouble"

Deviance - Dark Elementalist

Other credits:
Hair: Exile (125L limited time)
Skin: Cupcakes
Eyes: Hermony

PurpleMoon Creations

Today PurpleMoon Creations released a new group gift: an outfit called "Sally Sweater & Jeans"; wear your group tag and grab it in store :)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Mini Hunt & New Releases @ Angelwing!

Directly from the most beautiful fairytales of our childhood, Angel9 Susanti of Angelwing released a set of amazing fae outfits that I cannot stop staring at. The colours and the patterns remind me soooo much the illustration of the fairy books I used to read when I was a little girl, and which one of us is not a little girl anymore, deep inside?

Another very important thing to know is that all the pieces of the new release in purple are scattered around the store in 18 little sculpted wings. Find them all and you'll get the full outfit for free! Have a look and tell me if it's worth! 

Angelwing - Naerose Fairy Purple - 200L or mini hunt in store prize (until September the 27th) Aww don't I look like a cute fae stretching after a nap in her cute nest??

Angelwing Mini Hunt

Let me show you my favourite colours too! 

Angelwing - Naerose Fairy Light Blue - 200L

Angelwing Nae Blue

Angelwing - Naerose Fairy White - 200L 

Angelwing Nae White

While there, don't forget to hit the 3 MM, one of them requires the group tag.

Thank you so much, Angel! Yay for fairytales! 

Other credits:
Skin: Cupcakes @ Fabfree, free
Eyes: Pulse
Hair: 69 outlet, 200L the fatpack

Sunday, 19 September 2010

New, special, cheap, free, gift!

It's a very rainy Sunday but I've been so busy in gathering beautiful things to show you that I haven't almost noticed!
I'm about to show you something new, something special "today only" and something free or that you can win, so be careful and check the credits too!

Gor Girls is one of my favourite gorean stores that I have already blogged several times.

Gor Girls - Gor Love Treasure Tan - 395L (one of the latest releases and probably my favourite outfit in the store, 2 wearing options)

Gor Girls Treasure 01

Gor Girls Treasure 02

Gor Girls - Gor Love Treasure Pink - 99L (part of the Sunday Special event, an exclusive color available today only for a special prize)

Gor Girls Sunday Special

Gor Girls - Gor Gets Parted Black - 350L (this outfit was part of The Ultimate Designers Challenge some weeks ago, a project where some designers use the same texture to create an outfit and sell them for 50L. Unfortunately I couldn't blog it on time but it's a very interesting event, don't miss the next releases! They are put out every Thursday!)

Gor Girls Ultimate

Gor Girls - Gor Goes Plush Green - Midnight Mania Prize, many wearing options available.

Gor Girls MM

Thanks a lot, Harriet!

Today it's also Junbug's owner Juno Mantel's birthday, and she's been kind enough to give us a gift: she's selling for 24L today only this beautiful outfit.

Junbug - She Wench - 24L today only

Junbug Birthday

Last but not least, The White Armory has't forget their groupies and released another beautiful gown.

The White Armory - Eastern Shore Gown - Group Gift (tag needed)

The White Armory GG

Other credits:
Hair: Truth,  Raspberry Aristocrat @ Rue d'Antibes (prize for the Red Seal Hunt, fatpack of hair. Check also Olela's post for another great hairstyle available in this hunt), EMO-tions
Skin: TheObscene, Lelutka
Eyes: Pulse

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saturday look

Skin: imabee - "Sigma - Rory - Brave bones" (new group gift -0 L)
Hair: *eha@SWITCH - "openinggift Jean Fat" (0 L)
Ribbon: Ero Rabbi - "Hair Ribon (black)" (0 L)
Dress: SlowKitchen - "Old fashioned dot dress" (group gift - 0 L)
Bag: tram - "doctors bag" (group gift - 0 L)
Shoes: [IHS] - "Moccasin" (0 L)

Friday, 17 September 2010

Autumn cuteness *_*

Skin: *Mcskin* - "LuckyB 201008" (lucky board prize)
Hair: Waffles- "DU4 Blind speech" (150 L - exclusive for DU4, no more avalaible)
Hat: Casa del Shai - "Newsboy cap"- part of the FTLO Hunt pack (0 L - hunt is ended but the prize is still available!)
Sweater: pesca - "o-matic gift knit orange" (subscribo gift)
Shirt: [M2M] - part of the Back To School Hunt prize - (0 L - find a apple)
Skirt: C'est la vie@petit pas mall - "Ruffle mini skirt" (lucky board prize)
Bag: [Love Soul] - "Tote bag Mushroom" - (Kawaii Hunt prize - find a star)
Socks: Emery - "Freebie socks" (0 L)
Shoes: [CheerNo]@MODAVIA - FioreShoes Caramel (0 L)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Angelwing - Fantasy, Medieval, Gorean and MM!

Angelwing is a beautiful store of the kind I like most: fantasy, medieval and gorean all around!
Let me show you some of the great outfit you can find, with very reasonable prices, and among them 2 of the prizes currently on MM!

Trixy Green Dress - other colours available - 200L (omg don't I look like Thumbelina??)

Trixy Green Dress

Lavender Tahlia - other colours available - 200L

Lavender Tahlia Dress

Coin Silks Red - other colours available - 500L (includes also harem pants that can be worn alone or under the skirt, strippable, accessories included).

Coin Silks Red

Green Heidi Dress - Midnight Mania Prize (requires group tag)(You probably don't care at all about that, but this is my favourite pose ever, by LAP, included in the Jewelry Poses set)

Green Heidi Dress - MM

Golden Girl Set - Midnight Mania Prize (no group needed, it includes a shape, a skin, 2 hairstyles - only 1 shown -, eyes, eyebrows, clothes, accessories, 2 pairs of boots)


(Background here)

Other credits:
Hair: pic 1 EMO-tions next release available this Saturday, pic 2, 3 EMO-tions, pic 4 Maitreya
Skin&Eyes: Pulse

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Steampunk Wishbox

The Steam 3 Hunt, the third edition of the steampunk themed hunt, is running right now. It's a very long and difficult hunt, with lots of store, no hints and moving prizes. That is why I'm only picking my favourite stores. If you want to have a try yourself, here's the starting point and here's the official blog. You're looking for a gear.
I'm wearing the Wishbox prize matched with the Hair Fair gift by Discord Designs.

Wishbox Steampunk
Other credits:
Skin&Eyes: Pulse

Monday, 13 September 2010


Returning from my holiday, I started to browse my inventory and found many nice items some generous designers sent me. I'm checking which ones of them are still available and I'll try to show all that I can!
One of them is a beautiful dollarbie gown released by Dany French Touch, that I matched with some other mainly free accessories to complete the look. Merci Daniiiiii!!!!!


Dress: Dany French Touch - Gwenola - 1L
Skin: Glam Affair - Sofia - Think P!nk Hunt prize
Necklace: Chuculet - Ina Pearl Necklace in Pink - Think P!nk Hunt prize  Sorry, I messed up! This one is the same necklace in cream, 5L in store. The prize of the hunt is still available too!
Bracelets & Ring: U&R @ Fabfree - Gondoliera Set White - 0L
Hair: EMO-tions - Ancha in black - not free, preview of the next release, it will be available next Saturday

[Review] Ibizarre

The generous Anyusha Lilenthal, owner of Ibizarre sent me some items of the new collection, called "Into the wild" ... let's see some of my favourite items ;)

Cardigan: "Cashmere Cardigan" (part of "Jagged Skirt Snake - skirt not shown) (150 L)
Skirt: "Leo Print Mini Skirt pink" (120 L)
Scarf: "Leo Scarf pink" (100 L)
Legwarmers: "Helen Legwarmer black" (75 L)
Dress + scarf: "Zebra Dress" (180 L)

Sweater: "Black Longsleeve" (120 L)
Leggings: "Leo leggings" (100 L)

Dress: "Snake Mini Dress" (150 L)
Bolero: "Ajour Bolero" (150 L)

Thank you Anyusha!!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

2L Medieval Sunday

Medieval Sunday: a whole look for 2L!

Medieval Sunday

Gown: The White Armory - Still Waters Gown - Group Gift (tag needed)
Hair: Hairoin@HairFair - Lady Antonella in Abyss (available in Cosmos - blonde - too), 1L
Skin: TheObscene@HairFair - Lana tone 3 - 1L
Choker: Ganked - Royalty Necklace Gold in Blush (other colors included) - Think P!nk Hunt prize (blog with stores, slurs and hints here, thanks Lixy Byron for showing all the prizes on her Flickr and Olela for letting me know about that.
Pose: [.doll] - Think P!nk Hunt Prize.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Postcard & Hair Fair

Hi guyssssss!
Weren't you wondering where in the hell I was? No? Nevermind, I'll tell you anyway :-P
I'm on holidays in Puglia, in the very south of Italy (the heel of the boot, if you see what I mean!), without Internet of course. I'm missing lots of things in SL but I'm enjoying the last days of the summer, so I won't complain!

I still can't visit the Hair Fair, right now I'm sitting at the wi-fi zone next to the beach (a bit too windy this afternoon!), but there's something I can show you!
EMO-tions has 5 beautiful hairstyles, a special release for the event.

Samara (50% of the proceeds is for the charity)









Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Last but not least, Belinda in naturals is EMO-tions gift for the Hair Fair! Enjoy!


And here's a postcard from RL! See you soon!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Saturday, 4 September 2010

D!va - S@bbia - pesca

Hair: D!va - "Chinatsu" - (group gift in store)
Dress: S@bbia - "GroupGift no. 16" (in store)
Bag: pesca - "frill bag pink stripe" (subscribo gift)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lo*momo - PurpleMoon Creations

Dress: Lo*Momo - "Second anniversary gift" (0 L)

Dress: PurpleMoon Creations - "Dream in white" (group gift in store - 0 L)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Think Pink!

Skin: Mynerva - "Sophie" (Think Pink Hunt prize - 0 L)
Hair: Ay.Line - "September 2010 group gift" (0 L - in store)
Hair rose: World end's garden - "La rose noire de la reine" (group gift - 0 L)
Dress: syaka - "Race dress" (group gift -0 L)
Jacket: Angel Dessous - "Allure" (TPH prize - 0 L)
Necklace: [chuculet] - "Ina pearl necklace - pink" (TPH - 0 L)
Bag: Sculptie Creations - "Lab pup & bag" (0 L)
Stockings: *Wave* - part of "Dress as pink set" (0 L)
Shoes: Miinii - "SchoolGuh" (TPH - 0 L)