Thursday, 26 January 2012

(Mesh part II) PETITE Elves and Dracos - Fallen Gods Inc

As I promised, here's another post about uses of mesh.

Not only clothes, shoes and accessories can be mesh. A whole avatar can be mesh.

This is the case of the PETITE series from Yabusaka and Fallen Gods Inc.

Fallen Gods Inc - Petite Elf

As the name suggests, they are tiny mesh avatars. In each pack you will find a skin, a shape, eyes, hands in 3 options, feet and huds that allow you to change the skin color and the facial expressions, as well as an alpha layer to make your regular avi invisible.
3 clothing options are included in the pack, while the hairstyle is specifically made for the PETITE serie by Wasabi Pills. Other designers, like Pink Fuel, G Field and more, are releasing or are about to release PETITE items, so stay tuned and don't miss this amazing cuteness!

Please note: on Firestorm, I need to relog before seeing the avatar correctly once worn, and same for when I go back to my regular avi. It may be my problem but I thought it was worth mentioning it.

Avatar Body: Yabusaka & Fallen Gods IncPETITES +Fallen Gods Inc+ Elves Pale (sunkissed, tan and color change hud included)
Outfit: Fallen Gods IncPETITES Elven Outfit Golden-Blood (Mithril-Brown and Steel-Black included too)
Everything I mentioned is included in the pack, 1500L
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Orion Petite Mesh Hair - 110L the color pack, 500L the fatpack

Fallen Gods Inc - Petite Elf Closer

Avatar Body: Yabusaka & Fallen Gods Inc -  PETITES +Fallen Gods Inc+ Dracos Carbon (Inferno and Moonlight skintones also included - I do really love the details on this skin!)
Outfit: Fallen Gods IncPETITES Demon Outfit Body Moonlight (Black and Inferno colors also included)
Everything I mentioned is included in the pack, 1500L
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Orion Petite Mesh Hair - 110L the color pack, 500L the fatpack

Fallen Gods Inc - Petite Dragon

Another PETITE creature is available as well: it's Crystal, that I showed you in the regular version here

Have fun! I am really fond of these adorable avi!

Other credits: 
Poses: Glitterati, Oracul

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mesh (part I) + News and Sales

So, my poor desktop is still waiting to see a doctor. In the meanwhile I'm trying to survive on SL with my laptop, which is not the best thing ever, and I'm always late. That being said, let's see what I have for you today.

Mesh landed on Second Life some months ago and getting used to it took me a bit. I actually still have some problems that I will explain you in this post, but I also greatly appreciate all the good features that are now added to our virtual selves. 

Mesh & Sales I

Mesh & Sales IV

In this outfit, hair, pants and shoes are mesh.
The hairstyle is Cherilyn from Wasabi Pills, a mesh hair forerunner since the first day.
Pants, Rabea, are a new release from Jada Humby Couture, which has recently put out a whole mesh collection that you should really check out. 
Shoes are from NX-Nardcotix, Zoe, that I have already worn in the past and are still one of my favourite mesh shoes. 

Please note that I'm not an expert, everything I write is related to my personal experience only. 

The main issue I personally have with mesh is related to proportions: although the biggest part of the designers offers several sizes of their mesh products, I apparently have many troubles in finding the good one. 
It doesn't obviously depend on the designers, that are all working really hard to master and spread the new tool, but on the big variety of our shapes and on the limits rigged mesh has at the moment on the grid. I am investigating about the matter, I'll let you know. 

Winter is a quite slim avi, not thin as some models or kawaii japanese-style little girls, but I would consider her rather small. "S" and "M" sizes technically fit her, but they completely kills her hips (which are not huge but still someway round), giving her a weird and twisted shape. "L" and curvy sizes are way too big, out of proportion with the rest of her body.  
I am not the kind who is not willing to tweak with her shape a bit to fit clothes, but not at the point of deforming her or totally changing her appearence.

For the records, a group of mesh forerunning designers (SLink, Lelutka, Celoe, Mon Tissu) provided a Standard Sizing Package, on which for instance Jada Humby's mesh clothes are shaped. I didn't get a chance to give it a try myself, so I am sharing the news for the sake of honesty, I will let you know as soon as I manage to examine the thing. 

With hair, it's someway easier: I usually manage to wear mesh hairstyles with minor changes to my head size. However, sometimes it's still not possible: I obviously cannot successfully change my hair size from 20 to 70 in order to wear a mesh hairstyle. 

So, thing is, ALWAYS try a demo before buying mesh items. Take your time to experiment and check: it's way better than being mad later for having wasted your money. 

Now let's go to the good sides: mesh items move together with your shape, giving you a way more natural look than prims or sculpties, where your gestures and poses are limited if you don't want to have stuff coming out of your body or liying in awkward positions. Pictures like those below would have required adjusting prims inworld, and then re-adjusting after the shoot, or a lot of Photoshop work to rebuild the parts my body would have eaten. With mesh, this problem doesn't exist anymore: hair and all mesh parts follow your movement.

Mesh & Sales II

Mesh & Sales III

A post about other uses of mesh is coming soon. Stay tuned! 

Last but not least, some sales and something new.
The top I'm wearing is from So Many Styles, which was having a 50% off sale on selected items. I'm afraid it's over, but a visit to Irie Campese's great store is always worth. 
The necklace is from LaGyo, which is celebrating its anniversary with a 50% off sale, till January the 27th. 
The amazing prop I used for this pic is PolyWall v.2012 from Diesel Works. It comes with 26 poses and 16 background texturess and the menu allows you to adjust the poses till the perfect fit. 

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cherilyn Mesh Hair - 250L the color pack
Top: So Many StylesCropped Lace Tank Coral - 120L
PantsJ.H. Couture - *Rabea* Skinny Leather Pant M (BLACK) - 499L, other colors available
Shoes: NX-NardcotixZoe Platform Monochrome - old Fashionably Late item
Necklace: LaGyoKenya multi-strand necklace (all attachments) - 50% off (I can't access the region to check the price now, it should be around 175L. I'll update.)
Prop: Diesel Works - PolyWall v.2012 - 1199L

Other credits
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Eyelashes: [glow] studio
Bracelets: League

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Italian Pride, News and Sales!

Apparently my year hasn't started at its best... My RL is still very messy and, the cream of the crop, the desktop had a nervous breakdown and needs to see a doctor.
In the meanwhile, I'm trying to survive in my Second Life on my laptop, very uncomfortable to take pics and such but there's no choice at the moment!

My first post of 2012 features recent releases from two great Italian designers, Berta Avro & Bubi Bolissima of Severed Garden and Hlin Bluebird of Al Vulo!

Ylenia, worn here in the shade "sky", is a full outfit perfect for winter times, including shoes and hat. Other color options are available as well. Check the details, I love them!

Sakia is one of the newest faces at Al Vulo!, shown here in the fair tone. Each make up comes with blonde and brown eyebrows, with and without hairbase and cleavage. Other tones available in store.

Outfit: Severed Garden - Ylenia Sky - 250L (550L the fatpack of 4 colors)

Severed Garden - Ylenia Sky

Severed Garden -  Ylenia Sky Details

Skin: Al Vulo! - Sakia porcelain - selected make ups.

The picture is not postprocessed besides cropping and minor adjustments, taken with windlight sky "Nam's Optimal Skin 2".

Al Vulo - Sakia Fair

The hairstyle I'm wearing is from Raspberry Aristocrat, which is having a 50% sale together with all the stores on the Zyrra sim, including JANE. But you should hurry because it's almost over.

Other interesting hair sales are running at Amacci (85L the color pack) and Heart Softens (39L the color pack).

Other credits: 
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: [glow] studio
Pose: Glitterati