Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Gorean for RP part II + 10L shoes

Ripped put out some new freebies: a slave/panther outfit, a woman outfit and a male outfit (not shown, kilt and chest armor). 




MM board prize @ Ripped


In the yard there are some outfits available for 30L, they were from last Saturaday 30L Saturday, so I don't know how long they will stay. Ripped has also 2 lucky boards with male and female prizes, I'll try to show them in the next days, they're not few!

Good shoes news! Baby Monkey is running a 10L sale on the whole old collection, that will be retired soon. I bought the barefeet you can see in the pictures above (KM Slave Girl - Black Latex), some vintage shoes (not shown) and these ballet shoes (BM Silk Ribbon Flats), they can be worn both with and without laces on feet and ankle. 

Sunday, 25 April 2010

BINA "Slutress" in pink, already blogged here and somewhere else before, is in MM again! Run!


&Bean - !Imabee

&Bean is having a 50% off sale and !Imabee is selling a cute skin at 50L !

Martina is wearing :
&Bean -The Pale Anger Sale at Armid Skin (25L)
&Bean - The Con Dark Jeans (50L)

Ilaria is wearing :
!Imabee: Lucy - idk how to name this makeup (50L)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gorean for Roleplay - part I

I started a huge tour around Gorean fashion stores, I *so* love the dark and medieval mood! And I think also that it's a very versatile style, I often wear camisks or kilts to give a special flavour to my outfits (like here). I apologize in advance, because some of the items I'm going to show you are not anymore available in MM but only in store at their full price. I took the biggest part of the pics in the past 2 weeks but RL kept me away from the blog, it would be a pity not to show you some awesome clothes though.
In the lucky chair and camping chair at BINA, together with the items I've already blogged here, you can find "Hilda" slave kirtle in green. All outfits from BINA have various wearing options, often with PG and adult version, and include many accessories. I'm showing the PG version, or Flickr will moderate me!


Not free: old MM prizes at BINA.

"Slutress" in pink, 3 wearing options, accessories included, showing the PG ones only, 469L. A pack of veils for this is available at 1L.



"Summer kirtle" in white, 2 tops, 8 skirts and accessories included, 320L. 


The full outfit "Kendra" is available at Atalante in the camping chair or in the lucky chair.


Last but not least, that is what comes out from a gorean mix and match:
"Chani" skirt from Atalante, war clicking prize.
"Plain girl" camisk from Savage, free.


Other credits (and good deals):
The skin I'm wearing in all the pics, that is one of the skin I usually wear, is from KA Design. Ka Design is running a *huge* sale on last year collection: 200L for a single skin, 500L for the fatpack. They all come with dark and light eyebrows. Part of the discounted skins is at the ground floor, the rest is on the first floor, they're all marked with a red tag. Furthermore, a free tan skin is available in the subscribo history.
The hairstyles are from Emo-tions (my favourite hair store ever) and Maitreya.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sales @ Apple May Design

From the notecard:

Guess what?! AMD is going to be switching builds and it's time to do an inventory clean out before the switch. Probably the biggest sale to hit AMD yet!

**Over half the stores' clothing, accessories, shoes, etc are set for sale at just 75L.

**ALL skins are discounted to 75L**

Many many, practically all of these items, will be discontinued from the store and deleted from my inventory as well. Some items *might* make their way into the new build but I can't make any promises.

The sale has already begun and will last until next friday night, April 23rd in which at 7pm SLT the Fruitatious island will be closed to the public and the new build will be going up. The plan is to have the store open again by sunday night, April 25th. Please know that problems do occur and things love to break on me so it *might* take longer.

Friday, 16 April 2010

[Weekly Style] Cute girl

Hair: Clawtooth (50 Linden Friday last week)
Skin: Curio (old group gift, no more available)
Glasses: [chuculet] (1 linden)
Scarf: [AMG BOUDOIR] (group gift in store)
Jacket: Vive9 (part of the closing freebies pack - you can find it in the notice of the group)
Shirt: !Ohmai (free)
Bangles: [Pacadi] (subscribe gift - history nr.2)
Bag: Orage Creations for Fabulously Free group (join group and check the notice)
Skirt: =IZUMIYA= (free - you can find it in a pack outside Peppermint Blue store)
Shoes: Duh! (subscribe gift)
Pose: =IZUMIYA= (free)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Look of the day #1

Hair: Truth (not free)
Skin: !Imabee (group gift in store)
Outfit & Leggings: group gift "Magnifico Exclusive" (search, join and check the notice)
Shoes: *Mayden couture* (profile picks)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pig Gift :D

Pig just sent to the subscriber an amazing top ^^
If you never subscribed go there now and check the SOM :D

(PDA pose is free, get it by joining the Purveyors of Accidental Love group ^^)

Fantasy clothes & free hair

Today I discovered a shop I didn't know before: Caverna Obscura. It has lot of beautiful fantasy, medieval and elvish clothes... and also some great freebies such as this cloak. You can find it in the notice of the group ;)

Other items:
Skin: [Pink Fuel] (not free)
Elf ears: Sn@tch
Outfit: *~Aria's Dream~* (lucky board)
Boots: Truth (old subscribe gift)

At Caverna Obscura store there are also 2 lucky chair with many beautiful items... I won this "Pink Pixie Outfit"(lucky chair are above on the tree, you have to climb XD).

Hair in both pictures are group gifts from D!va : the first one is called "Chihiro" and you find it in the notice of the group, the second one is called "Akane" and you find it in the shop.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

There are so many events during these days all around the grid that it's very hard to pick where to buy and what to show you! Some hints after the pic!


Hairstyle: Timeless Glamour by Clawtooth, hat and veil detachable, hat color change, 138L (the store is running a 50% sale on color packs, as Ilaria already told you this morning :***)
Dress: Morcade by Dany French Touch, 1L
Necklace: Pearl Blossom by Ganked, 10L (the Juicy Mirabella sim is hosting an event called Spring Roof Top Sale: many of the stores involved are offering discounted items in tents located on the roof. Ganked is offering 3 10L items and a free gift, Simply Britnee is offering hairstyles from 1L to 50L, other good deals to check for your avi and house)
Ring: Art Deco Ring by Dark Mouse (old Jewelry Fair gift)

Bean Skins

Get this lovely skin joining the & Bean group ^^
It looks so cute *_*


From the notecard:
"Darlings! Bubbles shall be taking the next couple of weeks off and has decided to reward you for being such fabulous, magical, wonderful creatures (you know you are)! Clawtooth is having a Spring Sale from April 12th - April 25th. Almost all hair packs are 50% off (except for already discounted packs, fat packs, accessories, and new hairstyles...sorry kittens!).

This sale is at the TABLEAU LOCATION ONLY! Please do stop by you sweet thing you."

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Past, vintage, retro...awww *__*
Today SDWears sent out a very cute group gift: 80's Make Me Smile Dress. Here it is!


The chair and the pose come from [doll.]: The "Capri" Reclining Chair Blue Leather with 10 sitting poses and pose n. 7 from the "Carrie" set. The store is very nice, I advise you to keep an eye on it: the owner, Suri Christen, is very generous, she takes part in the 60L Sunday events and she often put out full pose sets (10 poses) at this cheap price! Thank you very much, Suri :-)


(I'm dropping all my coke  O_o;;) 

Saturday, 10 April 2010

[Monthly Style] Hippie!

SL is the most powerful time machine to me (together with my beloved roleplay games, but I'm not blogging about them O_o), that is why I often enjoy wearing outfits that go back to the past or to fantasy worlds. Today I was in flower power mood and had a virtual journey to the mid-1960s, so I'm showing the hippie-inspired outfit I put together.

[Monthly Style] Hippie

Skin: Twiggy [Iconic Light] Casting 1 Skin by Vive9 (closed - it was in one of the gift bags put out lately, so check your inventory, you may have it!)
Hair: Apple II - Ebony by Maitreya (295L)
Shirt: Casual Cami - Butter by **Mischief** (March subscribo gift)  
Bolero: Lace Vest Off:white by *M+M*  (group gift in store)
Skirt: Larah Skirt by *Atalante* (camping chair prize or 400L)
Jewelry: Precious Stones (necklace)& Grandma Rings by Mix&Match (closed, old group review items)
Norwegian Wood Bangles by *Ticky Tacky* (old Sperm Hunt prize)
Bangles brown wood by *Fishy Strawberry* (gift in store)  
Shoes (hidden!!): Sandalettes - pila - black by Chuculet (1L)

Roleplay friendly post in progress. See you tomorrow!

Project Themeory :D

Project Themeory is a weekly event where every Saturday at 12:00am SLT a group of designers will place an item corresponding to a common theme at the main entrance of their store for 75L - It will remain there until 11:59pm SLT that Sunday. These will be brand new items and only marked down to 75L for those two days.

Here's what I got from the Project :D

Skin : Pink Fuel (this is a preview of the new Ember skin line coming out 16th April !!!! I so love it *_*)
Top : Atomic
Hair : Shag
Tattoo : The Habitat

Friday, 9 April 2010

Old Fashioned Girl

Back from my long Easter holiday, I'm ready to show you again and again every medieval, fantasy and old-styled thing I find on the grid! The Raid the Treasury lucky dip at Kouse's Sanctum is still there, if you haven't tried yet, don't miss the chance. Let me show you 2 gowns I got thanks to that awesome game (and thanks to Kouse's generosity!)

Myra Gown in Onyx, 500L (you can get it collecting the 12 different gems from the dip)

Boleyn Gown in Blood, 450L (you can get it with the One Free Gown gift card or collecting 5 gold coins from the dip) 

Another interesting medieval news: there's a new lucky chair prize at Mystic Sky (still trying to get it, LOL), together with a 50% off sale on selected items until tonight at 8pm slt. Children and Men outfits available too! It's worth a visit. EDIT: Got it! Haha! 


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Limited Time Free Necklace !!!!

You can find this super cute necklace @ Happy Finds !!!!
Hurry up before it's gone :D
Just search for the blue wings in the shop ^^

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Deviance ^^

Deviance sent out a super amazing outfit in the SOM *_*
So go there and subscribe :D

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Atomic Easter :D

Happy Easter Everybody ^___^

Skin : Group gift @ Atomic (250L fee)
Hood : 100L fatpack with 34 colors @ Atomic