Friday, 9 April 2010

Old Fashioned Girl

Back from my long Easter holiday, I'm ready to show you again and again every medieval, fantasy and old-styled thing I find on the grid! The Raid the Treasury lucky dip at Kouse's Sanctum is still there, if you haven't tried yet, don't miss the chance. Let me show you 2 gowns I got thanks to that awesome game (and thanks to Kouse's generosity!)

Myra Gown in Onyx, 500L (you can get it collecting the 12 different gems from the dip)

Boleyn Gown in Blood, 450L (you can get it with the One Free Gown gift card or collecting 5 gold coins from the dip) 

Another interesting medieval news: there's a new lucky chair prize at Mystic Sky (still trying to get it, LOL), together with a 50% off sale on selected items until tonight at 8pm slt. Children and Men outfits available too! It's worth a visit. EDIT: Got it! Haha! 


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