Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gorean for Roleplay - part I

I started a huge tour around Gorean fashion stores, I *so* love the dark and medieval mood! And I think also that it's a very versatile style, I often wear camisks or kilts to give a special flavour to my outfits (like here). I apologize in advance, because some of the items I'm going to show you are not anymore available in MM but only in store at their full price. I took the biggest part of the pics in the past 2 weeks but RL kept me away from the blog, it would be a pity not to show you some awesome clothes though.
In the lucky chair and camping chair at BINA, together with the items I've already blogged here, you can find "Hilda" slave kirtle in green. All outfits from BINA have various wearing options, often with PG and adult version, and include many accessories. I'm showing the PG version, or Flickr will moderate me!


Not free: old MM prizes at BINA.

"Slutress" in pink, 3 wearing options, accessories included, showing the PG ones only, 469L. A pack of veils for this is available at 1L.



"Summer kirtle" in white, 2 tops, 8 skirts and accessories included, 320L. 


The full outfit "Kendra" is available at Atalante in the camping chair or in the lucky chair.


Last but not least, that is what comes out from a gorean mix and match:
"Chani" skirt from Atalante, war clicking prize.
"Plain girl" camisk from Savage, free.


Other credits (and good deals):
The skin I'm wearing in all the pics, that is one of the skin I usually wear, is from KA Design. Ka Design is running a *huge* sale on last year collection: 200L for a single skin, 500L for the fatpack. They all come with dark and light eyebrows. Part of the discounted skins is at the ground floor, the rest is on the first floor, they're all marked with a red tag. Furthermore, a free tan skin is available in the subscribo history.
The hairstyles are from Emo-tions (my favourite hair store ever) and Maitreya.

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