Sunday, 28 March 2010

Luck @ Bina

Let's go back to Middle Age and Gor again! Today I'll show you lucky items from a store I once knew, then I guess it moved and I lost it, and luckily found again, Bina. Inside the store there are 2 (un)lucky chair, 2 camping poles and a Midnight Mania, and just outside there's a lucky dip. Let me show you some of the prizes you can get!

Pudding's winter gift in red, it comes with boots and accessories, from the lucky dip. (The white bra is NOT included, it's free from Ohmai.

Side camisk in Violet Romance, from lucky dip. It comes with plenty of accessories and scripted sandals with bells sound. The Flaminium (red) version is in lucky chair and camping pole.

Winter bits in black, from lucky dip. It's a set of gloves, scarf and 8 hats. Brown version in the camping pole.

Youngblood KW Add-on in red, on camping pole. Corset, shirt, necklace and veil. (Don't ask me where did I get the dagger, I guess it was in some roleplay sim...)

Last but not least, the awesome prize on MM, with so many wearing options. A veil for this outfit (together with veils of the fatpack) can be bought for 1L.

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