Friday, 26 March 2010

Raid the Treasury @ Kouse's Sanctum

Quoting from the notecard that Kouse (Kouse's Sanctum) sent this morning...

"This is a "lucky dip" with a twist. Each time you "dip" you can receive any of a number of items...but NONE are booby prizes. Here's a description of the items:

Jewelry: exclusive versions of past favourites, special edition and currently unreleased items of jewelry can be obtained from the treasure box. These items are not gem change scripted.

Gold Coins: If you find any mysterious gold coins, save them! Once you get five, you can turn them in for a voucher for one free gown that you can use for yourself or give to a friend. Restrictions will apply to vouchers rewarded for this, please see below for information on that.

Silver Coins: Like the gold coins, saving five will give you a prize. The silver coins will get you a voucher for one free piece of jewelry that you can use for yourself or give to a friend.

Gems: All of the gems (there are 12) Have the following name "[K~*~S} Heart". Collect all 12 of these and you can redeem the set for a 500L gift card!" 

You can also win a One Free Gown gift card from the chest! Go and try your luck, later I'll show you the prizes that I pick! 

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