Saturday, 20 March 2010

Wild Released & More!

Do I need an excuse to get medieval outfits? Naaaah. BUT, when there's an excuse, it's even better. Wild Released is an event organized by awesome stores like Evie's Closet, Balderdash, Studio Sidhe, Silent Sparrow and others. Let me explain how it works: many items in the participating stores are marked with he Wild Released symbol. If you purchase one of those items, you will find a hud inside. You will have to wear the hud, that is a sort of black card, and visit all the stores (12). In every store there's a Wild Released station that you have to touch, and you will get a mark on your card. When you visited all the stores and got all your marks, you can go to the prize delivery station and pick the one you want. Here's the link to the event blog.
Obviously (lol) I bought an outfit from Evie's Closet, and I picked Evie's Closet prize. Let me show you.

Saiyge Gown in Red, 450L

Nyria Gown, Wild Released Prize.

If you can't afford or you don't want to spend 450L or more, Evie was kind enough to put her new release, Nathalie gown, at 150L. It comes in various colours. I haven't bought it yet but I can't exclude a second round, LOL.

Of course you can buy more than a item, get more than one card and wear them all together when you visit the stores, but you will have to wear them one by one when you redeem the prizes!

Need more medieval? Here's the Quest For Excalibur Hunt prize from Kouse's Sanctum!

Now, let's talk about hair: something free, something cheap!

Flavor! has 2 group gifts for March, one for guys and one for girls (but the guys one looks good on girls too). The best part is that the gift is the whole fatpack, so, yes, your colour will be included!

Wisper in MHblack
(I can't help to say... Look at the details of the wreath that comes with Saiyge Gown...Omg!)

Lucient II (male prize)

And now I want to show you some styles from a cute new store, Tandy Hair Creations. The average price is 50L, and nothing is over 100L.






And finally...I couldn't resist to point to all retro and vintage lovers like me the free (or dollarbie O_o) hairstyle from Ingenue, available at Savoir Hair (together with many other nice freebies and dollarbies you surely have already seen). The original color is Ash, but the hair is modify, so I tinted it in black.

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  1. lol lovely! although I think you need the Snow White pose prop now! :D