Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I'm back :D

Eheheheh, I'm finally back 'cause I solved my issues with the computer :D
Here's a new tattoo I made ^_^


Today Imabee released a new gift: a beautiful skin called "Serene"; you can find it at the store ;)

It's lovely, isn't it? *__*

Hunt @ Wishbox

Wishbox is taking part in the No Strings Attached hunt and it's giving this cute dress, Dolly, as a prize.
The hairstyle I'm wearing is a preview of Emo-tions next group gift, Alara in brown, that will be released on Saturday. Stay tuned!


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Medieval Sunday

2 gowns for a medieval Sunday. Yay!

The White Armory - Crimson Solstice Gown - Group Gift (requires tag)


Mystic Sky - Katharina Gown: Brown - Lucky Chair

Mystic Sky Lucky Chair

The hairstyles I'm wearing are from Emo-tions, Mary in black and Mia in brown. 
Mary is one of the new styles that Emo-tions released yesterday, together with Natalie.



Saturday, 21 August 2010

Arwen's Creations Free Gift

Arwen's Creations is offering a beautiful FW outfit as a gift, you can find it at the City of the Three Moons Market.
2 wearing options available, it includes slippers and boots. (Sorry for the crappy pic, I'm still away from home and in a super rush). A wreath (not shown) is available as a gift too! 

Arwen's Creations Free Gift

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Pulse
Hair: EMO-tions

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Closing Sale @ BINA

A bad news and a good one. The bad news is that BINA is closing its inworld store. The good news is that everything is marked 50% off till the end of the month!
I'll show you some of my favourite outfits, that are for the Gorean roles of Free Woman, Outlaw and She Urt, but remember that BINA is very famous for the slavewear, accurately based on the books. Furthermore, all the outfits come with lots of accessories, different in each colour of a single style, making it unique and special. Pay a visit to BINA and take advantage on this great deal.

Aelgifu FW Gown - Black (FW Gown in Northern style, accessories and boots included)


Jezzie's Wagon Dress - Black (FW Outfit in the style of the Tuchuk nomads, accessories and boots included)

Jezzie's Wagon Dress

The Unlikely Urt - Monday (She-urt outfit with lots of wearing options, mature and PG, accessories and shoes included)


Youngblood Kilt - Blue (Outlaw outfit, FW add-ons available, accessories included)


Other credits: 
Skin&Eyes: Pulse
Hair: Emo-tions

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The White Armory

The White Armory today released a new beautiful group gift, this "Gothic Midnight Gown"... wear your group tag and grab it ;)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Small Reviews

I apologize in advance for missing soooo much in world lately, but being away from home I'm not online as often as usual and I can't take care of all properly.
Many generous designers added me to their bloggers list and I'm very grateful, and some of them are sending huuuuge packs of very nice items, but for now I don't really have the chance to blog them all.

Here's a small part of what I got from the generous designers from Mons and Alexohol, I couldn't take more pics (and SL doesn't help me at all in any case...) so I picked the items I liked most. Thank you very much!!
Mons - Raks in Brown - 200L (other colors available)


Alexohol - Sex On The Beach Bikini Dots - 100L (available in many colors and in fatpack too)


Alexohol - Fruit Stripe Bikini Grape - 100L (available in many colors and in fatpack too)


Skin and Eyes: Pulse

Friday, 13 August 2010

Formal dresses

*UniQue* - "Lady Sara in shimmering gold lace" (Y~Duck All Styles Wedding Hunt Rose prize)

PurpleMoon Creations - "3000 members gift" (group gift - check the notice)

Paris Metro: "Flower Flamingo Gown" (Strut yr stuff hunt prize - 0 L)

Thursday, 12 August 2010


It's Panther time!
The August group gift from Dina's is a panther outfit called Tribal, PG and mature version included, accessories with and without resize menu.


Hair: Emo-tions
Skin&Eyes: Pulse

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Jewelry & Skins

Earthstones put out 2 new gifts: one is free for everyone, the other needs the group tag (250L joining fee).
Earthstones - Teeny Diamond Stud Earrings - 0L (they come in gold and white gold, free - very small, I hope you can see them O_o)
I'm wearing them together with the new release at Pulse, a renewed edition of the best seller Valerie, called Valerie Series Wheat (make up 3), together with Valerie Eyes.


Earthstones - Drip Drop Earrings - Citrine - Group gift (they come in gold and white gold)
The beautiful skin I'm wearing is a preview of the Mystere tone II, a cooperation between Pulse and House of RFyre that will be released next Saturday. Tone I is already available in the store. (Thank you Loraaaaaaacccc!!)
Guys are not forgotten:  here's also Devon tone II.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Mixed Fruits

A mixed post today!
New prize on the Midnight Mania at Gor Girls, a beautiful pirate or outlaw outfit! Worn with the Ohmai basic tube bra.


Dress: Suri by III at the Fashion House (items from well known designers and nothing above 125L)
Sandals: Sandal Flats "Su" grey by Mons at the Fashion House
Bracelet: Amaranthus "Arcana" Celtic Wrist Talisman - Today only freebie by Alchemy Immortalis @ Lelook
(I copied Anthea's pic style, let's hope she won't get mad at me! haha!)

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Two looks

Dress: [M2M] - "Spring Balone Dress" (1 L)
Leggings: *COCO* - "WhiteLeggings" (group gift in store)
Clutch bag: :::B@r::: - "Clutch bag pink" (lucky chair prize)
Shoes: *G Field* - "Update group welcome gift" (SoM gift - in history nr. 1)
Skin: !imabee - "Apical - Adelle - Aquamarine" (group gift in store)
Dress: AZUL - "joia azul" (group gift in store)
Shoes: Maitreya - "Group gift pumps" (SoM gift)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Medieval and Dresses

Ok, this is my favourite kind of Sunday: dresses, Middle Age, Gor, roleplay, and above all gifts and bargains.
Let's start with the free...

The White Armory - Tranquil Sea Gown - Group gift (needs tag)


Bliss Couture - August Free Gown - Siao (needs tag)


Now the bargains! Some fantasy and gorean stores are taking part in an event called 99L Special Sunday. Each store will put out a limited edition of an outfit for 99L, one day only. Join the inworld group to know what are the stores involved. Here's what I got today.

Gor Girls - Waspie Red - limited edition (99L)


Other credits:
Skin: Rockberry, TheObscene
Hair: Emo-tions
Eyes: Pulse

The Platinum Hunt - Winter

The Platinum Hunt is an event running since August 8th until August 31st. It involves 100 brands that offer prizes of great quality, each sold for 10L. 
Many prizes are really beautiful and deserve to be shown, but how could I blog everything? So, my choice basically reflects my taste and style.

Outfit: Boho - Aya love
Skin: Rockberry - Kalista Platinum Hunt
Hair: Magika - Diamond


Deviance - Enchantress


PurpleMoon - Gator in Platinum


Swansong - Essence Gown


All the poses, except the second one, are the Platinum Hunt prize from .doll

Other credits: 
Hair: Clawtooth, OH
Eyes: Pulse

Friday, 6 August 2010

*Sunny Soon Su Skin* - Vinyl Cafè

Skin: *Sunny Soon Su Skin* - "DevonAoki" (group gift in store)
Dress: Vinyl Cafè@the Dominion - "Mod striped dress" (group gift - fatpack with 4 colors)
Shoes: Vinyl Cafè - "Black Canvas Shoes" (group gift in store)

Lucky Chairs @ Tyranny Designs (Fantasy)

Tyranny Designs has a secondary location where all the fantasy and gorean themed outfits are stored. Two lucky chairs have been set up, and here the 3 prizes you can win!

Tyranny D. - Dawn - Green Plaid


Tyranny D. - Hobo-esque - Larma


Tyranny D. - Grandma's House Shoes

Other credits:
Skin: the.oBscene
Hair: EMO-tions
Eyes: Pulse

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Pulse! New skin lines and gifts!

After a short period of rebuilding, Pulse is now open again, with lots of surprises!
The store has a totally new look and it offers many novelties, and a free gift among them!
The older skins have been removed, and totally new lines are now on sale. The main feature you will notice is that they cover a huge range of colours and shades, focusing on ethnic and specific features.
The peculiar and expressive faces of Lorac Farella's skins are thought for different ages and nationalities. A beatiful set of eyes is available for each of them, and a specific shape made by the talented Altonia Jewell as well.
In the next pics I'll show you some of the beautiful new skins but worn on my shape, so that you can see how they are versatile even without a shape made on purpose for them.

Here's Rain, one of my favourites... 


...and click on the thumbnails to check the others out, the name at the bottom of the pic is the name of the skin!

TrinitySerenitySimonePearlMartineGeorgiaCecileCarolineAimeeDoveDance With MeGinaRenata

An exception is made for Grace and Marie: Grace is made for an older avi, like for a women in her 40s...


...and Marie is thought for an oriental girl.


Last but not least, Lorac is offering 2 beautiful eye colours as a gift, together with a tattoo (not shown).


Other credits: 
Hair: Posh