Thursday, 19 August 2010

Closing Sale @ BINA

A bad news and a good one. The bad news is that BINA is closing its inworld store. The good news is that everything is marked 50% off till the end of the month!
I'll show you some of my favourite outfits, that are for the Gorean roles of Free Woman, Outlaw and She Urt, but remember that BINA is very famous for the slavewear, accurately based on the books. Furthermore, all the outfits come with lots of accessories, different in each colour of a single style, making it unique and special. Pay a visit to BINA and take advantage on this great deal.

Aelgifu FW Gown - Black (FW Gown in Northern style, accessories and boots included)


Jezzie's Wagon Dress - Black (FW Outfit in the style of the Tuchuk nomads, accessories and boots included)

Jezzie's Wagon Dress

The Unlikely Urt - Monday (She-urt outfit with lots of wearing options, mature and PG, accessories and shoes included)


Youngblood Kilt - Blue (Outlaw outfit, FW add-ons available, accessories included)


Other credits: 
Skin&Eyes: Pulse
Hair: Emo-tions

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