Sunday, 8 August 2010

Medieval and Dresses

Ok, this is my favourite kind of Sunday: dresses, Middle Age, Gor, roleplay, and above all gifts and bargains.
Let's start with the free...

The White Armory - Tranquil Sea Gown - Group gift (needs tag)


Bliss Couture - August Free Gown - Siao (needs tag)


Now the bargains! Some fantasy and gorean stores are taking part in an event called 99L Special Sunday. Each store will put out a limited edition of an outfit for 99L, one day only. Join the inworld group to know what are the stores involved. Here's what I got today.

Gor Girls - Waspie Red - limited edition (99L)


Other credits:
Skin: Rockberry, TheObscene
Hair: Emo-tions
Eyes: Pulse

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