Saturday, 14 August 2010

Small Reviews

I apologize in advance for missing soooo much in world lately, but being away from home I'm not online as often as usual and I can't take care of all properly.
Many generous designers added me to their bloggers list and I'm very grateful, and some of them are sending huuuuge packs of very nice items, but for now I don't really have the chance to blog them all.

Here's a small part of what I got from the generous designers from Mons and Alexohol, I couldn't take more pics (and SL doesn't help me at all in any case...) so I picked the items I liked most. Thank you very much!!
Mons - Raks in Brown - 200L (other colors available)


Alexohol - Sex On The Beach Bikini Dots - 100L (available in many colors and in fatpack too)


Alexohol - Fruit Stripe Bikini Grape - 100L (available in many colors and in fatpack too)


Skin and Eyes: Pulse

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