Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Pulse! New skin lines and gifts!

After a short period of rebuilding, Pulse is now open again, with lots of surprises!
The store has a totally new look and it offers many novelties, and a free gift among them!
The older skins have been removed, and totally new lines are now on sale. The main feature you will notice is that they cover a huge range of colours and shades, focusing on ethnic and specific features.
The peculiar and expressive faces of Lorac Farella's skins are thought for different ages and nationalities. A beatiful set of eyes is available for each of them, and a specific shape made by the talented Altonia Jewell as well.
In the next pics I'll show you some of the beautiful new skins but worn on my shape, so that you can see how they are versatile even without a shape made on purpose for them.

Here's Rain, one of my favourites... 


...and click on the thumbnails to check the others out, the name at the bottom of the pic is the name of the skin!

TrinitySerenitySimonePearlMartineGeorgiaCecileCarolineAimeeDoveDance With MeGinaRenata

An exception is made for Grace and Marie: Grace is made for an older avi, like for a women in her 40s...


...and Marie is thought for an oriental girl.


Last but not least, Lorac is offering 2 beautiful eye colours as a gift, together with a tattoo (not shown).


Other credits: 
Hair: Posh

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