Sunday, 28 August 2011

Boho, Jewels and more.

A lot of new stuff around the grid and some last minute deal to grab! 

A new cute outfit, Windy, is available at VERO MODERO, as well as the Bodrum flat sandals, that I'm wearing in red, my favourite shade.
The fatpack of Gabriel from Truth is still available for some days at Collabor88, a selection of 88L items from many talented designers you should really check out if you haven't done it yet. 
The amazing Glossy French Nailpolish is a very recent release from je suis..., it's part of the newest nail polish collection available at the store. Please note, as the name itself says, it's "nailpolish" and it comes as a hud that will tint the je suis...naive v.2 Basic Nails that you *need* to purchase first. 

Outfit: VERO MODEROWindy Satin Red - 350L
Sandals: VERO MODERO - Bodrum Sandals Red - 200L
Hair: Truth @ Collabor88 - Gabriel - 88L
Nails: je suis... - je suis...naive v.2 Basic Nails - 250L 
Nailpolish: je suis... - je suis...naive Nailpolish v2 Glossy French - 150L

Vero Modero Outfit and Sandals

je suis - French Glossy

PurpleMoon is offering 3 boho outfit for the 60L Weekend. I'm wearing the Boho Outfit in Black and White, which is made of a top, leggings, a belt and ballet flats. Since it's already Sunday, my advice is to hurry and get it or check the other 2 outfits available before they're gone! 
Je suis...nocturne is the latest jewelry release from je suis..., which includes necklace, earrings and rings, all of them scripted to change metal and gems colors.

Outfit: PurpleMoon - Boho Outfit in Black and White - 60L 
Jewelry: je suis... - je suis...nocturne - 497L the whole set
Nails: je suis... je suis...naive v.2 Basic Nails - 150L

PurpleMoon Boho Outfit White

Je suis Nocturne

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Poses: Glitterati

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ravenclaw Pride

I warned you it was coming, and there it is.


The Hogwarts: Your Story sim is open to the public everyday from 6PM to 9AM SLT, so you can visit and check the amazing building even though it's still under construction. 

Hufflepuff Common Room

Hufflepuff Common Room

Slytherin Common Room

Slytherin Common Room

The sim is also hosting a small fair where you can get amazing themed items for your roleplay. 
I bought a lot of stuff in different moments and forgot to write down all the prices. But I can tell everything is quite affordable, besides a couple of exceptions, and many useful items like crests are freebies (which allows you to convert non-roleplay outfits in Hogwarts uniforms). 

I put together my looks using mainly items from the fair and observing the stunning genius of Anya Ohmai, who created 16 different avatars according to House, sex and age. Chapeau! Don't miss her post, it's simply amazing. 
You may also want to check the great look for "tough chick" by Vaki
Seriously, I've been drooling on their blogs for days.  

Style credits will be marked with an F for items available at the fair, and with NF for items purchased elsewhere. Body and poses credits at the end of the post. 

Winter is a bit too grown up for Hogwarts, I'm still working on a younger (and shorter) shape though, so she will be modeling Ravenclaw uniforms for us today. 

Please note: the slurs to the H: YS Fair WON'T WORK unless you're trying to go there between 6PM and 9AM SLT. 

Dueling Courtyard

Teefy Ravenclaw Coat

Shirt: *!t @ H: YS Fair -  Ravenclaw Shirt - F
Skirt: Sn@tch - Tweed Mini Skirt (Grey) - NF, part of the Mary Potter outfit blogged here, fishing outfit or for sale at the mainstore. 
Coat: Tee*fy @ H: YS Fair - Hogwart Black Work Robe (Blue) - F
Leggings: Oyakin*summer-leggings*(light-gray) - NF
Socks: JANE - lil piggies socks.sassy.bk pewter - NF
Shoes: Baby MonkeyBM Classic Flat Black - NF

Ravenclaw Common Room

Ravenclaw Oyakin Izumiya

Shirt: DP*Yumyum - DP*yumyum shirt 01 -  NF
Cardigan: IZUMIYA - Spring Cardigan (Black) Long - NF
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Vere Flat - NF
Skirt: Oyakin - *tweed*Skirt black - NF
Necktie: *BOOM* @ H: YS Fair - House of the Eagle tie (long) - F (fatpack at the fair, single items at the mainstore)
Socks: *BOOM* @ H: YS Fair -  House of the Eagle wool knee socks - F (same as above)
Wand: *BOOM*@ H: YS Fair - School Wand (silver maple) - F (same as above) 

Quidditch Pitch

Teefy Quidditch Robe

Sweater: ::MYTH:: - Jeweled Sweater - NF, store closed.
Coat: Tee*fy @ H: YS Fair - Hogwarts Quidditch Robe ( Blue ) - F
Pants: Sn@tch -  Ziggy Leggings (Black) - NF
Boots: Reek - Boston Boots - Navy - Girls - NF
Scarf: League - Scarf Wrap-Retro School-Blues - NF

Quidditch Pitch

Doppelganger Ravenclaw Supporter

Top: JANE - Intrinsic tank.og melon - NF, free
Pants: Doppelganger @ H: YS Fair  - Vintage Sweats - Eagle - F
Shirt: *COCO* - LinenShirt(Beige) - NF
Shoes: SANTO (former Maschienenwerk) - Chucks_Beige /Girls Size- NF
Suspenders: * RezIpsa Loc  *@ H: YS Fair ~ Suspenders, Eagle - F
Crest: CW&S @ H: YS Fair -  Ravenclaw House Crest - F
Pennant: Doppelganger @ H: YS Fair - Quidditch Pennant - F

Ravenclaw Common Room

Ravenclaw Boom

Shirt: *!t @ H: YS Fair - Ravenclaw Shirt - F
Vest: *BOOM* @ H: YS Fair-  House of the Eagle Vest (female)-movie colours - F (fatpack at the H: YS Fair, single items available at the mainstore)
Skirt: *BOOM* - Love Me Skirt (coal) - NF
Socks: - Ribbed.Calf Socks (Silver) - NF
Shoes: FIR & MNA - The Ashford Brogue Womens Black Patent - NF


Ravenclaw Tomboy

Sweater: { Royally } - CeNedra Knit Turtleneck White - NF
Pants: Oyakin - *tweed-pants(black) - NF
Vest: [ Mr.Poet ] - Vest_Black - NF, part of , part of the Peacoat and Pleated shirt-vest set.
Crest: *!t @ H: YS Fair -  Ravenclaw Crest -flat - F
Tie: *BOOM* @ H: YS Fair - Untied Tie (blue) - F (fatpack at the H: YS Fair, single items available at the mainstore)
Shoes: *COCO*- OxfordShoes (Patent-Black) - NF

Other Credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Hair:, Shag, Elikatira, Elikatira, Clawtooth, EMO-tions
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes & Nails: je suis...
Poses: .doll, .doll, PDA, Izumiya, LAP, Glitterati,  

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Late (and crappy) Blogging

In the end I managed to install Firestorm on my laptop and started to experiment a bit. It wasn't too crashy but unfortunately, when shadows are enabled, the quality of my pics radically drops... I will need to work and find a decent balance. 

Now, I'm all excited because of all the upcoming Hogwarts-related things (beware some entries about that soon), but I didn't forget to check some new and old fashion events, above all the wallet-friendly ones! 

I fell in love with the cute dress from Fishy Strawberry at Fashionably Late and with the A:S:S necklace for My Second Wardrobe. In both the locations you will find products from well known and quality brands for reduced prices, so they're very worth a visit.

Dress: Fishy Strawberry @ Fashionably LatePlisse Dress Cantaloupe - 90L 
Necklace: A:S:S @ My Second WardrobeNarayan necklace - 50L

Fishy Strawberry - ASS - je suis

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Pulse
Hair: Elikatira
Lashes & Nails: je suis...
Leggings: d.Select
Shoes: Baby Monkey
Pose: Glitterati

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hogwarts Mood

Warning: still away from home, logging in with my laptop, I didn't have time to install the latest viewers, so very ordinary pictures for now.

Thanks to the amazing Mary Potter from Sn@tch, today I'm back to a roleplay post!
This great outfit include 2 skirts, trousers, 3 socks, 3 sweaters and a shirt that you can mix and match at your own taste, as well as ballet flats and ties for all the Houses! I'm wearing everything in Ravenclaw, that is where I have always been sorted since when the first Harry Potter tests appeared on the net and actually my favourite House.

The best part is that Mary Potter is the Fishing Outfit available now in the Sn@tch pool. But if you're not patient, you can purchase it for 350L, as I did.

Mary Potter - Snatch

Talking of roleplay, I'm seriously thinking to finally join one, the upcoming Hogwarts: Your Story. I totally fell in love looking at their Flickr! I will prepare my application in the next days, so wish me luck!

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Hair: Elikatira (left), Vive9 (center), Elikatira (right)
Lashes & Nails: je suis...
Poses: Glitterati

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Who Wants Summer Sales?

While trying to understand what happened in Second Life during my absence, I accidentally jumped into some sales!

COCO: Clearance Sale, 50-75% off on everything in store.

AOHARU: August Sale, 50% off on everything in store.

ANEXX: August Sale, 50% off on everything in store.

Have fun!

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Skin: -BC- "Group gift" (0 L)
Hair: [AMG BOUDOIR] - "Holly walnut 01" (99 L - AMG is having a closing sale and everything is priced down to 99 L)
Headband: .:Beatnik:. - "HeadFoulard_Sun" (0 L)
Eyes: Poetic colors - "Forest cat" (0 L)
Lashes: Baiastice - "Model Eyelashes black" (part of Nina Skin accessories group gift)
Piercing (under eyes): [ni.ju] - "Simple piercing 01" - (0 L)
Shirt: [Sassy Kitty Designs] - "Flowy Top white" (FTLO Scavenger Hunt - 1 L)
Jeans: [Plastik] - "Aeda slacks" - (At the Fair Hunt gift - 0 L)
Bag: Dark Mouse - "Beach bag yellow" (0 L)
Shoes: BM - "Ultimate Ayesha Yellow" (lucky board)
Pose: MARUKIN - "[nana] parmi le poupes de koi" (Poupee Hunt - 0 L)