Saturday, 10 April 2010

[Monthly Style] Hippie!

SL is the most powerful time machine to me (together with my beloved roleplay games, but I'm not blogging about them O_o), that is why I often enjoy wearing outfits that go back to the past or to fantasy worlds. Today I was in flower power mood and had a virtual journey to the mid-1960s, so I'm showing the hippie-inspired outfit I put together.

[Monthly Style] Hippie

Skin: Twiggy [Iconic Light] Casting 1 Skin by Vive9 (closed - it was in one of the gift bags put out lately, so check your inventory, you may have it!)
Hair: Apple II - Ebony by Maitreya (295L)
Shirt: Casual Cami - Butter by **Mischief** (March subscribo gift)  
Bolero: Lace Vest Off:white by *M+M*  (group gift in store)
Skirt: Larah Skirt by *Atalante* (camping chair prize or 400L)
Jewelry: Precious Stones (necklace)& Grandma Rings by Mix&Match (closed, old group review items)
Norwegian Wood Bangles by *Ticky Tacky* (old Sperm Hunt prize)
Bangles brown wood by *Fishy Strawberry* (gift in store)  
Shoes (hidden!!): Sandalettes - pila - black by Chuculet (1L)

Roleplay friendly post in progress. See you tomorrow!

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