Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sales @ Apple May Design

From the notecard:

Guess what?! AMD is going to be switching builds and it's time to do an inventory clean out before the switch. Probably the biggest sale to hit AMD yet!

**Over half the stores' clothing, accessories, shoes, etc are set for sale at just 75L.

**ALL skins are discounted to 75L**

Many many, practically all of these items, will be discontinued from the store and deleted from my inventory as well. Some items *might* make their way into the new build but I can't make any promises.

The sale has already begun and will last until next friday night, April 23rd in which at 7pm SLT the Fruitatious island will be closed to the public and the new build will be going up. The plan is to have the store open again by sunday night, April 25th. Please know that problems do occur and things love to break on me so it *might* take longer.

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