Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Angelwing - Fantasy, Medieval, Gorean and MM!

Angelwing is a beautiful store of the kind I like most: fantasy, medieval and gorean all around!
Let me show you some of the great outfit you can find, with very reasonable prices, and among them 2 of the prizes currently on MM!

Trixy Green Dress - other colours available - 200L (omg don't I look like Thumbelina??)

Trixy Green Dress

Lavender Tahlia - other colours available - 200L

Lavender Tahlia Dress

Coin Silks Red - other colours available - 500L (includes also harem pants that can be worn alone or under the skirt, strippable, accessories included).

Coin Silks Red

Green Heidi Dress - Midnight Mania Prize (requires group tag)(You probably don't care at all about that, but this is my favourite pose ever, by LAP, included in the Jewelry Poses set)

Green Heidi Dress - MM

Golden Girl Set - Midnight Mania Prize (no group needed, it includes a shape, a skin, 2 hairstyles - only 1 shown -, eyes, eyebrows, clothes, accessories, 2 pairs of boots)


(Background here)

Other credits:
Hair: pic 1 EMO-tions next release available this Saturday, pic 2, 3 EMO-tions, pic 4 Maitreya
Skin&Eyes: Pulse

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