Friday, 18 December 2009


I can't resist ethnic styles. It's not my fault. I'm obsessed, lol.
I'm wearing an awesome gift from Mashooka. You can find it, together with other 4-5 gifts (the biggest box is a male outfit) outside the store. 

Other good deals:
Hairstyle by Junwave, 40L

Obviously, I can't resist fairy outfits either. Haha! 
I'm wearing the Lynet Christmas Mini Dress, 20L, from Kouse's Sanctum advent calendar (wings included).
The elf ears by Sn@tch, colour change, 15L, come from the Winterville Bazaar, a little market where you can find items from various stores at 15L or under. Furthermore, all the objects are transfer, so you can buy them as a gift.
The Miss Bumble boots are a dollarbie at Sole Sisters. The store is worth a visit: for every pair of shoes on sale, one colour is marked 1L. 

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