Thursday, 15 July 2010

Summer of Love Fair Preview: .SweetAntidote.

First of all, what is "Summer of Love Fair"?

From the official blog:

This July, a selection of your favourite designers will be presenting us with brand new items at the Summer of Love Fair. These items will be available at the fair and nowhere else (at least ’til it’s over). Clothing, skins, hair, poses, accessories and more… we’ve got you covered.

The location remains undisclosed for now, but join our update group and we will keep you up to date with the latest information as it breaks.

THIS EVENT IS NOT TO RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY. IT IS TO RAISE AWARENESS. ALL PROFITS GO TO THE DESIGNERS. However designers are encouraged to donate some of their profits to Hopeline. This is optional and all designers are left in charge of their own decisions about this. You can find more information about Hopeline at

See the bottom of the notecard for the latest list of the designers involved.

:: DATE ::
The fair will take place between JULY 18TH and AUGUST 8TH (now it's open only for bloggers :P)

The purpose of this fair is twofold… firstly, FASHION. Who doesn’t love a good fashion event? Brand new items, some at discount rates, all in one glorious place. Lovely. Secondly though, there will be information about all sorts of mental health issues and illnesses throughout the venue. Mostly these will be visual aids around the precious couture so that people don’t have to read huge chunks of text. The main purpose of the fair is to de-stigmatise mental health issues. A lot of people in Second Life have unhappy “real lives”… for whatever reason. Some of us are unwell, disabled, depressed and other people are just lonely or don’t like who they think they are; but no one is alone and in SL we can be ourselves. So don’t let it beat you black and blue… couture can help!

And now... a preview of some items you can find at the fair.
I received two dresses from Noena Merlin, the owner of .SweetAntidote.
Each dress comes in two colours and they are exclusively made only for this fair.

The first dress is called "fleur gentille", and it's a elegant gown with coordinate gloves, in two colours, pink or green.
The price is 180 L.

The second one is called "tropical touch", and it's made of a top and an asymmetric skirt. You can buy it in green or blue for 160 L.

Thank you Noena for these beutiful dresses! :)

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