Saturday, 30 January 2010

Group gifts & freebies

Rotten Toe has a new group gift: this great skin!

~Bounce~ also has a new group gift: this set of skins and the tattoo (check the notice - there is another old gift in the notice, snowy elf ears)

And here other group gifts and freebies/dollarbies...
Hair: Analog Dog (recolored with the free HUD) - free
Skin: Heartsick for FabulouslyFree Group (10.000 members gift)
Elf ears: RGK ("Straight elf ears" - there are also "Curved elf ears" in store) - free
Scarf: [Last Period] (group gift in store)
Jacket: +HONEY+ (group gift in store)
Shirt: Peppermint Blue (free)
Leggings: *+*JILL*+* (group gift)
Boots: Paraphrase (dollarbie)

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