Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Freebies & Group Gifts

Hi folks! Today I have a lot of freebies and group gifts for you! *__* Let's have a look!

Hair: ROGE (group gift - there's also a lucky board in the store)
Knit shirt: Oyakin (New year's gift)
Skirt and gloves: League
Socks: **en Svale**
Boots: sf design (January freebie)

Hair: [mixxES] at Zest Town (lucky board)
Dress: [mixxES] at Zest Town (Zest group gift)

Leather black coat: Remember (dollarbie - there is a leather coat also for men and other dollarbies ^_^)
Cardigan: sf design (gift)
Laced pants: *Lunas Boutique* (group gift - check the notice)

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