Wednesday, 26 May 2010

[ Review Time ] - Blue Blood

Super lovely Ghanima Uriza, owner of +++Blue Blood+++, today sent me some of the new dresses she released.
Ready ? Let's check them out :D

#1 +++BB+++ Ethereal WG Blue/Green Feathers
#2 +++BB+++ Ethereal Red Feathers

#1 +++BB+++ Calendula WG PINK
#2 +++BB+++ Calendula PURPLE

#1 +++BB+++ Colette WG WHITE
#2 +++BB+++ Colette TEAL

I really have to say I love them all *_* And great things about them is that they all have several wearing options, so go get them and enjoy creating new cute looks =D

TY Ghanima <3

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