Tuesday, 4 May 2010

25L Tuesday + Gift + Dollarbie = Gorean & Casual

25L Tuesday is here again! But today I'm working on casual...more or less! Let's see what kind of mischief I got up!


Skirt: Ripped - Tartan F Kilt - Red - LongShort, 25L. 2 skirt lenghts, available in many colours (male version too)
Shirt: *Mischief* - Sexy back halter - Onyx, April subscribo gift, other colors available.


Camisk: Silk Worms - MO - Insane patches, 25L. It comes with skirt and leg wrap for all your Gorean needs!
Jeans: Designs by Capri - Naughy Girl Jeans Black, 1L. Other colours and other dollarbies in store.

Other credits: Hair by Emo-tions (Thanks to my dear friend Rie who bought me countless styles for my bday, isn't she lovely?!)
Shoes: Ruru@Pino, old group gift.
Necklace: old POE hunt prize from Phoebe

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