Tuesday, 25 May 2010

25L Tuesday Mania

Ok people, it's still Tuesday...
Both my first and my second life today are trying to lead me to a nervous breakdown, I have had enough of fights with prims that don't attaches, outfits that don't rezz, lag and so on.. So, you will have only a very plain and simple sneak peek of this 25L Tuesday.

Here you are:


1) Gor Gurls - Gor gets belted Black/Blue - 25L , other colors available (it comes without jeans but looks like my avi is too thin to show her legs, I tried but she was horrible, I swear O_o)
2) Gor Gurls - Gor gets subtle Pink, 25L, other colors available
3) Una & Luas - Luas Graci Brown, 25L (this store is the good find of the day! I didn't know it before today and it's definetely worth. The outfit comes with 3 wearing options, there's another color available and a slavewear too)


4) Junbug - Cheeky Kitten V, 25L, other colors available
5) Junbug - Chizuko in Violet, 25L, other colors available

I'm still trying to work on my So Many Styles latest purchases, if SL doesn't kill me I'll show you tomorrow. Anyway, I do really hope you went and checked it out! Lol!

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