Monday, 10 May 2010

Junbug & Flavor!

First of all, congrats to Martina for starting her own activity! 
I have many things to show you today, so I won't talk long, happy?

Junbug is a gorean and vintage fashion store I found out thanks to 25L Tuesday and my friend Maja.
You can find this cute outfit as a group gift in the notices, run because I'm not sure about how long it will stay. It's made of an asymmetric skirt and 3 top options (I'm showing 2, the third one is the ragged top only).

Astrid in Flame, Junbug group gift.



Let me show you another couple of items from Junbug, limited time offer Xstreet only (inworld they're sold full price). 

Poppy (150L on Xstreet)


Sweety Camisk Candy (99L on Xstreet)


I can't help to mention the wonderful sandals from YS&YS, thestore just entered my top 3 shoes because of them. I fell in love! I'm wearing RaiMbow Shoes Bianca, it was in The Dressing Room collection in the past weeks, but you can find many more colours and options at YS&YS mainstore.
You may have noticed (maybe...) I'm wearing a bracelet too. It comes from the Spring Cleaning Sales at Earthstones, in the bargain section many items that will be discontinued are being sold at a lower price (between 49L and 125L, more or less). I bought the 3 bracelet set called Wood Cuff Bracelet - Wood, 49L.
The poses are from Diesel Works.

Flavor! Designs just moved again, and it's running another 50L on everything sale. It will last a couple of weeks, so don't miss it. Furthermore, 15 vendors are set to OL, and I'll give you a little hint: you will find freebies for men and women, in the accessories, clothing and hair sections of the store.

Amethyst Kilt, 50L.It comes with top and anklets (have anyone noticed I like kilts? No? You're slow, guys! LOL!)
Lucienta red pack is one of the 0L items.


Now a mix and match of my favourite items!

Onyx Kilt, 50L. It comes with top (not worn) and anklets.
Grunge Nature - Shadow, 50L, New release, many colors available and definetely my favourite top in the store!


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