Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy Birthday Italy & Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Today Italy celebrates the 150th anniversary of its unification.
A famous Italian architect, Renzo Piano, recently said "we are dwarves on a giant's shoulders." and I totally agree with him. We must be proud of our art, language and our culture, but those giants are dead. Now we have to deal daily with all the dwarves who are making Italy the tail ender of Europe. These vulgar, close-minded and rude dwarves are showing a distorted reality to the rest of the world. We are not like them. Believe me.
There are also some dwarves who think they would be better if Italy wasn't united. You are anachronistic. In the Internet era, more than ever we are citizens of the world, and so we should feel. Don't go back to Middle Age and grow up.

Olela, one of the most famous Italian bloggers, shared with us a great video that unfortunately is not subbed in English (it's something we should do, sharing the few giants left we have with the rest of the world) and pointed an Italian pride gift offered by an Italian designer. Check it out and if you have ever heard about Dante Alighieri, watched "Life is beautiful" or just eaten pizza or Nutella, think of us and celebrate too.

I won't forget, as I was saying earlier, we are citizens of the world.
At the other side of the world, an awful disaster occurred, or better is still occurring. Once again Second Life community is showing its support.
Japan is a country very dear to me, I am in love with Japanese culture to the point I made it my major at university. Even though, as someone said, Japan is a rich nation, those who suffer, die or lose people they love, deserve our solidariety, no matter where are they from and what is the reason.
Thank you very much to the organizers and the designers who are offering their produts as donations at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.

Here's a look I put together with items purchased at the event, the biggest part with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

Skin: Glam Affair - Sakura Skin Natural 01 - 599L, 100% donation.
Hair: Exile - Sakura naturals (mink) - 200L, 100% donation
Jumper: Ibizarre - Leela Norge Jumper - 100L, 100% donation
Skirt: The Secret Store - Froufrou Onyx - 189L, 100% donation
Bangles: je suis... - je suis...asymetrique Red and White - exclusive colour for the event, 79L, 100% donation
Necklace and earrings: je suis... - je suis...douce bright - 390L, 50% donation.

PCF Look

The slurs should bring you right in front of the item. The place is crowded and lagged, so keep your ARC and scripts down. It's a bit claustrophobic, many designers wanted to be part of the project, but don't give up!
Visit the venue, there are so many items that it will be impossible not to find something to buy!

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