Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Roleplay and More - { SeVered GarDeN }

I am finally recovering from the horrible temperature that struck me in bed in the last days, and today I want to feature a brand that in my opinion deserves more attention: { SeVered GarDeN }, owned by Berta Avro and Bubi Bolissima.
Their beautiful works are focused mainly on the Gorean and fantasy worlds, even though lately they have started to consider mainstream fashion too, with lots of good results and responses from their clients. Last but not least, their price are very affordable, a great reason to get an awesome look without spending too much!

When I talked to Berta the first time, she told me she loves designing clothings in general, but that roleplay outfits are what allows her to unwild her imagination and that makes her happy the most, which is mainly what the same kind of thoughts I have when it's time to blog! That is why I'll show you today, together with her latest mainstream releases, some hints of her way to portray Gorean female roles.

Thanks a lot, Berta! :)

Outfit: { SeVered GarDeN } - Josie *Brown - 350L, many wearing options, accessories and boots included.

Severed Garden - Josie

Outfit: { SeVered GarDeN } - Melodie * Wine - 250L, FW outfit, 2 wearing options for many roleplay needs.

Severed Garden - Melodie

Outfit: { SeVered GarDeN } - Tala - 350L, accessories, face tattoo and barefeet in 3 colour options included (usually Berta is kind enough, if they don't match your skin, to send you a modify version). The little bird on the shoulder is super cute, isn't it? Aww!

Severed Garden - Tala Def

Outfit: { SeVered GarDeN } - Olga Turquoise - 250L, accessories and boots included.

Severed Garden - Olga

Outfit: { SeVered GarDeN } - Frida * Wine - 220L, various PG and mature wearing options (PG version shown).

Severed Garden - Frida

Outfit: { SeVered GarDeN } - Mina * Old Pink - 290L, super cute outfit, accessories and boots included, for the latest cold days of winter.

Severed Garden - Mina

Other credits:
Skin: TheObscene
Eyes: Pulse
Hair: Exile @ TDR Blue, Calico Ingmann (100L the colour pack this week only, other 2 styles in the deal too), EMO-tions (next release available this Saturday), [e] @ TDR blue, Exile, Lelutka.
Lashes: je suis..., Nikita Fride

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