Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fashion For Life - [LeeZu!] & Vanitas Vesture

Fashion for Life is SL’s longest-running and most successful fashion fair. All donations go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.
Running March 12-22 across 9 sims, this year’s theme will be “Beyond Black and White,” embodying the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer. Spread over the sims will be over 180 stores with a hunt and gatcha areas, all with the goal of raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Fashion for Life will feature the best designers from around the globe.

I'll show you some of the items from [LeeZu!] and Vanitas Vesture you can find at the fair.

Left: [LeeZu!] - "Lizz Flexy Dress /black" (there are other 2 skirt options)
Center: [LeeZu!] - "A Mon Insu Gown /black"
Right: [LeeZu!] - "Catch Lily Dress /black"

Left: Vanitas Vesture - "Nervous Blouse - Gold" + "Meticolous Pencil Skirt - Olive"
Right: Vanitas Vesture - "Languid Party Dress - Auld Blue"

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