Sunday, 20 March 2011

CHIC Limited Event - March [ Part 1 ]

CHIC Limited is a monthly event brought to you by Keira Seerose, CHIC Management.
It is a small venue containing 30 brands (or less) per cycle.
Each cycle has a theme for designers to be inspired by,
but they can interpret the prompt as loosely or closely as they choose.
 CHIC Limited was created to offer a much asked for alternative to the current sales culture.
Many designers felt they were unable to opt out of sales groups,
hunts and events because they could not compete without the level of publicity they gave them.
CHIC Limited is using the generated reputation of working with high quality brands to offer brands
an opportunity to get the publicity of an event, without having to reduce their prices.

This session opened March 12th and will close March 26th.
The theme is “The Elements“.

 TP to CHIC limited

 Nemesis - Elements top
~Mynerva~ - The Elements Skins
Ingenue :: Breezy Day

Kyoot - The Ground Beneath Her Feet
[Shag] - Siren hair

Peqe - Kate Glitter

[HUZ] - Mythik tattoo

aDORKable Poses: Petals in the Wind

TY designers <3

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