Friday, 4 November 2011

Tales From Old World

The Gorean Room is an event similar to The Dressing Room but it's consacrated to fantasy and gorean fashion. Each round lasts 2 weeks, I'm not sure when this one started, so you may want to hurry, just in case.
Many interesting things are available, I'm showing the one I like most.

Rustic Girl in Grey is a low class outfit with some gypsy flavor, made of a sculpted top (no clothing layers), a flexi skirt, necklace and bracelet. The designer is Katrina Kristan, owner of Old World, a new to me store offering clothes, furniture and buldings for your roleplay needs. You can have a sample of her talent in the pic, featuring not only the outfit but also the beautiful medieval library available at the store.

Outfit: Old World @ The Gorean Room - Rustic Girl in Grey - 70L

Gorean Room - Old World

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Hair: Magika
Sandals: COCO
Pose: PDA (from today's FLF pack)

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