Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Shoes News!

I am totally addicted to shoes as probably every single girl in the world is. But I'm not the stiletto-all-the-time kind, nor the sneakers-all-the-time kind either, I simply love many different styles of footwear and today I want to show you something that is worth to check out.

Hoorenbeek just put out February's group gift, the Winter Boots in lilac. The group doesn't take a group slot, if you are subscribed already just tp in the store and click on the vendor. If you haven't joined yet, just do it (the board is next to the freebie) and come back after 2 weeks to get your new gift! Besides this single gift, being subscribed to Hoorenbeek is very useful: new releases are sold off sale for the first 2 days, and many random 200L sales are often run (regular prices are around 500L so it's a very good deal!)

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I fell in love with the Vixie sandals, from the MANA line by Nardcotix, since the first moment my eyes met them, but the price prevented me to buy them immediately. Still, they stayed in my heart as a forbidden desire (lol) and finally I managed to sell my soul I heard about 40% off sales and decided I couldn't miss them. I still think they are quite expensive, like many shoes of the same kind by other famous brands, but I am spoiled (lol), I can't resist a bargain and I'm happy to find finally the same care always granted to heels on those beautiful flat sandals, they totally hit my gipsy-hippy heart. They come with a hud for skin matching and other options, gems and strap are colour change. Check out the Nardcotix sales to find them, together with many other styles, flat, wedges, stilettos, everything.

Nardcotix - Vixie

Other credits:
Skirt: Boho, part of an old hunt prize
Belt: je suis...
Skin: Orta

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