Sunday, 13 February 2011

CHIC Limited - February [Part 2]

Here's the second entry dedicated to CHIC Limited, a CHIC Management event Martina explained you about here. Check it out!

In all pics I'm wearing a skin and using poses available at CHIC Limited:

Skin: sYs - InuYT pure pale (except last 2 pics)
Poses: Di's Opera - Fatale, cigarettes included (except last pic)

The rest of the credits is shown under the pics as for the CHIC Limited items and at the bottom of the page as usual for the others.

Chic Limited - Peqe

Dresses and Shoes: Peqe - Anti-Fierce-Valentine & Anti-Valentine + matching Wedges

Chic Limited - Hucci

Outfit: Hucci - 24 Karat - flats included

Chic Limited - LiNe - Lassitude&Ennui

Dress: LiNe - Nova Red (other colours available)
Jewelry: LiNe - CrazyDisco Jewelery Set
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui - Blind Date Red (other colours available)

Chic Limited - Magoa

Shirt: Magoa - Peepshow Shirt in Creme

Chic Limited - BOUNCE - Zeery

Outfit (sold separately): BOUNCE - Gipsy Long Skirt Vieux Rose; Anais Top Blanc; Bolero Wool Vieux Bleu (other colours available)
Scarf: Zeery - Skinny Scarf - Night Out Alone (other colours available)

Chic Limited - Somnia - Cheeky Pea

Lingerie: Somnia - Freakin'Dotty White Reverse Red (other colour available)
Furniture: Cheeky Pea - Doris'Night In

Other credits:
Hair: Shag, Truth
Shorts: Fishy Strawberry
Skin: TheObscene (last 2 pics)
Eyes: Pulse
Lashes: je suis...
Shoes: Nardcotix

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