Friday, 12 November 2010

Talking About Eyes and Freebies

Eyes are not very expensive in SL: one can find something good under 100L, sometimes even under 50L. The main problem I have when I try to buy eyes is the lack of demos, not all stores provide them (I suppose for copybot reasons), and often the effect of eyes changes a lot from an avi to another one, making you unhappy with your purchase.
One reason for which I appreciate a lot stores that offers free items is that it's a good way to have a hint of the designer skills and tastes, and when I find a freebie I like, I always go back to that store and buy their full price products.

Lol after my "Why it's good to give away good freebies" considerations, let's go back to what I wanted to show you today!

Shine (whose full price eyes cost 50L) is offering 4 nice free eyes:

#1 Monet Iris (my favourite *_*)
#2 Lustrus Autumn
#3 Flame
#4 Mardi Gras

Shine Eyes

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