Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lazy Celtic Sunday

Trying to fight against my inner laziness and having received various notices from stores I like about the Celtic Magic Hunt, I decided to have a look.
It's a very short hunt, 12 stores involved only. Here's the blog with slurs and hints.

Outfit: EMO-tions, Celtic Magic Hunt Prize

Celtic Hunt 03

Outfit: Mela'Ryn Fantasy Fashions, Celtic Magic Hunt Prize
Circlet: Kouse's Sanctum, Celtic Magic Hunt Prize

Celtic Hunt 01

[I know what you are thinking...unfortunately, it's not the same pose. The first one is from Glitterati, the second one from BehaviourBody. I think I'll start a petition about gown and flexy sleeves friendly poses - I found some gown friendly pose sets in various stores, but when you try to use them with flexy sleeves, they are useless :(]

Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc., Celtic Magic Hunt Prize

Celtic Hunt 02

Other credits:
Hair: EMO-tions,, Truth
Skin: TheObscene
Eyes: Pulse
Tube Bra: Ohmai
Pants: Lunas Boutique

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