Friday, 26 November 2010

Black Friday

The most beautiful thing for a shopaholic is receiving notecards about sales as soon as she logs in, don't you think?
In this topic I'll try to keep track of the sales I get to know about for this great day! It doesn't mean you will find a list of *every* sale running on the grid, but just of the stores to which I'm someway subscribed(lol), that I think are worth, and whose messages are not eaten by SL. I'll be updating during the day, if needed. Quoting notecards...

1) Mystic Sky - Two randomly chosen colors of each outfit in the store are on sale for 50% OFF! (this includes male, female & small sized outfits).A random selection of accessories are also on sale for 50% OFF! Also, 1 female design, 1 male designs and 2 accessories are marked 100L, 25L and 75L.

2) Nomine - All clothes are 100L. A ton of skins are 100L. ALL contacts are a mere 10 LINDENS. ALL hair is a mere 50 LINDENS. And if you're quick, you can grab a preview of the new skins and enter for a chance to name the new skinline. How could this get better? They're only 100L for the four of them at once, AND YOU COULD WIN THE ENTIRE LINE OF SKINS WHEN THEY'RE DONE.

3) PIDIDDLE - PIDIDDLE has some deals for you! All around the store select colors have been marked down. The items on sale are marked by colored dots.
BLUE = 95L
RED = 55L
The sale includes other stores on the Existence sim:

4) The Skin Addiction Black Friday. Make sure you have the "skin addiction" group activated to receive your discount.
**IMPORTANT** When you are purchasing the skin(s), you will first be charged the full price and then REFUNDED the discount. Be sure to wear your skin addiction tag!

Style by Kira
Glam Affair
Fresh FX
Fashionably Dead
Skin Within

4) Cupcakes - London - Princess and Kawaii - Eternal are on SALE for 100L!
We also have our full permission lines, Enchanted and Allure marked 50% OFF!

5) CStar - cStar's BIG BIG Black Friday Sale! All Skins $500L Off! Today only and it has already started so don't wait, grab the skins, they're limited quantity so you don't have much time!

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