Friday, 15 October 2010

News, Sales, Gifts!

Some news today for all the roleplay lovers but not only!

Yesterday I won the beautiful Guinevere Gown at Angelwing General MM...

Angelwing Guinevere MM's not available anymore today, but you can go and click for the Isabella Gown!
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Remember that, while for the Group MM there is still the same prize, Micah in red (blogged here), the prize changes everyday on the general MM.

Halloween sales!

Mystic Sky is having a 50% off sale on black and orange items, and there is also a special Halloween Gown for 100L only. Not being exactly my favourite colours, I haven't purchased anything, but if you like them it's a great chance to grab a beautiful gown for around 200L.
Also, the lucky chair prize is still the Autumn Gown in purple, blogged here (at the very end of the entry)

GField is having a 50% sale on selected black and orange items. Lots of cuteness in that beautiful store! For now I bought some shoes but I'll probably go back there and get a couple of adorable coats.
Here's what I got, cute shoes that are also roleplay friendly IMHO!

*GF* Short Ribbon Boots "Anna" -black- & *GF* Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" -black- - 90L each.

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Last but not least, at the right moment when I finished to picture everything, the cute Amber Skin, Izzie's group gift, dropped in my inventory, so there's a quick shot for her too!

Izzie Amber Skin
Other credits:
Skin: Cupcakes
Eyes: Pulse
Hair: C.I.C. , EMO-tions, preview of the next release Obsession, available tomorrow.

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