Monday, 18 October 2010

Halloween Time @ Plastik

 New Event @ Plastik

There is also a 1L pack at the entrance full of amazing gifts :D

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Courtesan Dress in Twisted

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Element Bodysuit Dress in ArachnoPhobe

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Drown Top in Witchery
[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Fierii Leggings in Webby

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Octane Dress in Web
[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Leggings in Jack

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Saturday Outfit in Candy Corn

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Shredde Dress and Tank in Candy Corn

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Slingtank in Dancing Jack

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Valerian Set in Swamp Thing

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Ambrice Dress in Pumpkin Seeds

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10-Astrid Jacket in Spook

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10-Bordello Dress in Serpent

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10-Courtesan Dress in Jack o Lantern

[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Raziel Collar In Swampthing
[Plastik]-Halluwiin'10- Raziel Collar in Boness




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