Tuesday, 19 October 2010

25L & More

Another 25L Tuesday for all the roleplay fans!
Today I bought the Gor Girls outfit, that can be worn with and without undershirt, with skirt or pants. When at Gor Girls, don't forget to check out the lucky...err...toilets, and the 50L and 100L bargain walls at the back of the store.
If you are a member of the Cupcakes inworld group, yesterday you received a beautiful group gift! If you missed it, you can find it in the notices. If you don't belong to the group, you can join for a 100L fee.
Outfit: Gor Girls - Gor Wears Pants - Green - 25L (other colours available)
Skin: Cupcakes - Kawaii - Copper - Pumpkin Pie - group gift (100L joining fee)

GorGirls - Gor Wears Pants - 25LT

Cupcakes Group Gift

Other credits:
Eyes: Pulse
Hair: EMO-tions, Eve III, preview of one of the next releases that will be available on Saturday. 

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