Friday, 11 June 2010

[Review Time] Silver Rose

Silver Rose is a beautiful store that focus on historical and fantasy fashion. You will find there many beautiful victorian and medieval outfits, as well as fairy, lolita and doll costumes, Arabian Nights inspired clothes, matching accessories and some male wear too.Let me introduce you the latest release, Ekaterina Gown, that I'm wearing in Aubergine.


This awesome gown is available in 6 colours, and the wearing options are countless.In the pack you will get the blouse in 2 different layers (jacket and shirt) with 3 kinds of prim sleeves and sleeveless, 8 prims skirts, glitch pants of different lenghts and gloves. The basic styles are 8 but combinations are endless.




Pay a visit to Silver Rose and taste the flavour of the Old Times.

Thank you very much, Yuriko! 

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