Wednesday, 30 June 2010

[Review Time] Pulse&Emo-tions, part II

Here we are with the second part of my review!
The first part dealt above all with Pulse, so now it's the turn of my favourite hair store ever: Emo-tions!
I can't resist the flexiness, the way these hairstyles moves when you move, flowing softly in a super realistic way. That is how I found the store: I noticed the awesome softness of the hair on some random girl inworld, I inspected her! The beautiful Emo-tions hair are perfect for your inworld experience, for a very peculiar and dramatic look, great for all your and roleplay needs but not only! Talking about roleplay, Gorean warriors and panthers will find their heaven here, and same for all the Na'vi from Pandora: Emo-tions focuses a lot in awesome braided hairstyles, very appropriated for those characters, and in many cases they're unisex.
But you will find out soon that Emo-tions doesn't sell hair only: beautiful clothes, both for roleplay and no-roleplay, are available in the store. Again, Goreans and Na'vi would be very happy if they decided to pay a visit.
But now I will let the pictures speak, showing some new releases and some of my favourites!

Serenity dress - It comes with short and long skirts...if you feel an elegant panther (worn together with Janet in black)


...or a beautiful gipsy princess (worn together Ariana in naturals 2, please note the hair accessories included!)...


Here some other great hairstyles in different colours, all matching the bohemian look! Thanks a lot, Mirja ;-)



A hint! Eve in black is available on Xstreet for a reduced price. Check it out!

Skin and eyes are Isabella II Medium and LF Eyes from Pulse.

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