Sunday, 14 February 2010

W&Y, Bare Rose, Pididdle, Perse, Indyra Original

Today was a very very very busy day, full of good deals and Valentine specials. I'm going to show you the one I like most.

1) W&Y moved to their own sim. An opening gift (1st pic) is available for 1L, and many other styles in the store are lowered to 1L too. It's a hidden sale, so you will have to find them! Here I'm showing my favourite ones, but there were at least another 2 or 3 available. Check the ground floor and the first floor too! Remember that W&Y hairs have colour change script (4 colours in each style) and resize script, I wear basically black and dark brown but other shades are included. 

2) Pididdle is having a 50% off on all red, pink and white items. I'm wearing the Cameo sweater, 50L (1st pic) and the Antique Lace tank, 60L (2nd pic).

3) Bare Rose is running a nice Valentine Hunt, you will have to find some lost kittens following the hints. It's a very easy hunt if you read all the info, available in many languages. Here the cute prizes: balloons, shirt (in blue or purple), jeans, sweater on the hips (in blue or purple) and bag. Closeup of the bag, so cuuuuuuuute! 

4) Indyra Originals is running a huge sale (50-90% off) on red items. I'm showing the Chasseur Boots, 99L (full price is above 700L O_o) 

5) Perse is running a 50L sale on all pink and red items. These are the Pursay Old Pink Boots, they come in with and without button version. 

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