Monday, 1 February 2010

Magic&Romance Hunt

The Magic&Romance Hunt is starting today, a small hunt (less than 30 participants) which involves some great medieval and costume stores like Mer-Elf Creations, Kouse's Sanctum, Wishbox, Mystic Sky, Deviance. I'm wearing the Christina Midnight Snow gown, prize from Mer-Elf Creations (the starting point), it comes with 2 gowns (only one shown) and a short skirt.
The sim is labeled as Adult, so you will need to be age verificated to enter, or you can start at the PG location. Here's the hunt blog.
Other good deals:
Hair: Tiny Bird old collection, 85L (not sure if the sale is still on)
Skin: Plastic Flowers, 25L
Flats: Lunas Boutique group gift (notices)

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