Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Retro @ Car Wash

As many of you surely know, there's a bargain at Car Wash: everything 10L or less. You can find lots of beautiful and normally expensive items from various designers. I'm not showing everything I bought (I advise you to check the shoes stands, it's always difficult finding good shoes for cheap and you can't miss the chance), I want to focus my attention on one of my favourite styles: vintage and retro. All the outfits come from Hell Bop's cart, located right in front of the main store.
1) Maggie - Bowling Dress Cyan (10L)

2) Oliver - Chef outfit - unisex (10L) + Baby Monkey Patti Flats plaid, color change (10L)

3) Shirt: Opal - Blue
     Jeans: Danica - Dickies Jeans

4) Rosa - Tank Top Black (10L)

On the cart you will see also a cuuuuuuuuuuuute collection of old style panties that my avi is not showing because she's shy :-P

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